I’ve we all can universally relate to without


I’ve always believed that behind every song there’s a musical
story waiting to be told. Like many, my love of music comes from the fact that
it is a free form of personal expression. For me,
the beauty in music comes from the ability to communicate feelings that words
alone cannot. Music is much like a langue with set
sounds and symbols corresponding to written notation that have grammar like
rules. Speech and music are often very alike with higher pitch, more
fluctuations in pitch and rhythm, and faster tempos conveying happiness, while
the opposite conveys sadness. The point is fundamentally music is a
language that we all can universally relate to without any borderers or

My love of free-form
improvisation and the artistic freedom that it entails has led to my decision
to study music at degree level. However, you could say that improvisation is
less harmonically complex and structured when compared to composition, but nonetheless, I am still very interested in
subjects such as advance musical analysis
which is very mathematically involved. So, you could say that music is some sort
of social study or a study of human culture
as music is such a remarkably broad subject with many sub-disciplines.

Apart from my main instrument the guitar, I’ve also been
interested in piano and keyboard related music so for the past year I have taken on the challenge of learning the piano
hoping that it can soon be my second instrument.  I feel that learning the piano has helped my
understanding of music theory and furthered my composition skills as the guitar
fretboard can be somewhat vague and confusing.

As I am always keen to explore subjects beyond my B-tech
music, I have recently explored the technological side of music with recording
and mix engineering. It seemed logical to learn about this as I would be able to record my own music and save
money. With Pro Tools and Logic x, I recorded and edited my own songs, but I didn’t
get any practical training until I volunteered to help my local church with the

One of my main strengths is my willingness to be open-minded and diverse in my interests. I’ve
been a long time Arts Ekta workshop leader specialising in multicultural
collaboration and this community job has allowed me to develop many valuable
and transferable skills such as teamwork and organisation, attributes which
will undoubtedly prove valuable at university

During my time at Art Ekta,
I worked in the cultural coach project and I contributed to many projects- such
as the award-winning Belfast Mela. I managed my own research, formulated
workshop plans, participated in group projects and meetings. Utilising my
excellent communication skills, I developed a successful working relationship
with my peers and colleges. 

Outside of college,
I’ve tried to keep an active life with a good
mixture of music and non-music related activities. I practise and
rehearse regularly with my jazz fusion band “Random Folk” and we have performed
at many different venues around Belfast with great success. In my leisure time,
I enjoy going Ice skating and this has led to my active involvement in freestyle
ice skating (a sport that combines figure skating and aggressive inline skating).


It has always been a goal of mine to pursue a degree in music.
As someone who has been and still is involved in the music industry, I feel as though I am up of the challenges
presented by higher education. I have the focus and drive needed to complete
this degree to the highest standards.  In
10 years’ time, I see myself having composed
and released my own debut album, playing regular gigs and teaching guitar on
the side.