James Bond Media Assignment

Dear Director, Your trailers for your current Bond film, “Die Another Day,” have persuaded me in many ways to watch it.

One element that has done this is the way each trailer starts differently. With the teaser trailer, we saw objects that were hard to make out at first, but then we realised that they were women, who transformed into the gun. We also heard the voiceover, which was not in all 3 trailers.

The interesting film techniques also drew my attention – the way the bullet turned into the car, as this was very imaginative and gave me high expectations of what was to come in the other two trailers, and of course, the film.

The teaser trailer also contains everything which is already expected of a Bond film – action, cars, exotic locations, music, villains, women and all things James Bond. This was done remarkably well for the 50 seconds which you had.

Music played a significant part in the trailer, as it signified a change in scene, and kept the viewer in suspense as well as climaxing during the most intense action scenes, which kept the viewer interested.

The way the first theatrical trailer began surely caught the attention of the male viewers watching – Halle Berry emerging from the ocean! I also liked the way this clip paid homage to a previous Bond film, which had Ursula emerging from the ocean. This trailer also started with conversation near the beginning, between Halle Berry and Bond, and this was something not seen or heard in the previous trailer.

In this trailer, we also had more interesting film techniques, such as the camera shot being from inside the gun as the bullet, which then took the viewer outside to the action. This was a very surreal image, which caught my attention.

As this trailer was 17 seconds longer than the previous one, we got to see more action, explosions, car chases and all the things which were to come in the film. We also got to hear more dialogue, which revealed more information about the characters and villains.

The music in this trailer adapted to the action; the more action, the more intense the music, which made the action seem very realistic, as if you were there almost – such as the surfing clip.

The opening of the 2nd theatrical trailer was very different compared to the previous two, as I was unable to make out that this was a Bond film for a while, due to the captions on scene – “Betrayed,” “Captured.” This made it seem as some sort of war or espionage film. I managed to realise that this was a Bond film trailer when I heard the voice over, as I recognised M’s voice.

This trailer also contained all of the things in the previous trailers, but showed more of it, as we saw more of the villain and more of the car chase. We also saw Q showing Bond all of the latest gadgets, as well as Bond saying one of his quips – “Oh, is this where they keep the old relics?!” referring to the older gadgets, and of course, Q!

This trailer especially reminded us about the importance of ice in this film, as it showed many images relating to ice, such as the ice palace, ice backgrounds, and the way the MGM logo iced over. It also had a crisp, cool ice sound at the end, when the “coming soon” appeared, and iced over, which was the same in the two previous trailers as well.

This latest Bond film had given me even higher expectations of what is to appear in the next film, due to the technological advances in cinematography, and that the fact the plot is always taken one step further.

I look forward to your next James Bond adventure, which I hope exceeds my expectations.