Jessica and phone

“Who is this? ” said Jessica, gasping down the phone. “Blood, blood, my stomach, my head. ” Someone had rang Jessica. “Excuse me. Hello, Are you alright? ” The phone went dead. Jessica used ring back on her phone. She picked up David her friend’s mobile number. She rang his number but no one picked up. She hurried down the stairs and ran out the front door. She ran over her driveway and jumped across the lumps of tar that the stars reflected on. The rusty gate that led into the alleyway was jammed. She pushed it one or twice and it zoomed open. Her thin long legs started to pick up pace as she ran through the open topped alleyway.

This led her out on to the next estate. Within the five houses of the estate only one family was in their house. This was David’s family. This was because the electric was off and David’s family tried to refrain from using electricity except for the essentials, so they really didn’t care about leaving. Jessica stood outside Davids house astounded. The front door was half open and one of the windows was cracked. Suddenly, a black figure glided across the front door. Jessica’s heart jumped up her throat. She thought she was hallucinating, because only five minutes ago she was in the land of nod.

You could tell that Jessica was quite frightened a mile away if you saw her. Her face was as white as a ghost and her eyes were wide open as if crystals had replaced them. Something! Was watching her. Inside the house. She walked through the front door and went into the room where the black figure had gone. Slowly she opened the squashed in door, waiting for something to jump out at her. Help! Aloud hoarse voice came from somewhere inside the house. But Where? She walked around the ground level of the house, trying not to look at the weird pictures of deceased members of David’s relatives.

Jessica thought she heard something upstairs rustling around. She walked past the front door not noticing it had been closed, and climbed up the stairs step by step. The bathroom door was wide open. By now Jessica’s eyes had been used to the darkness. Within the bathroom. Within the bath. A head, no body floating in blood. Huh! She screamed, what’s going on? She walked closer to the bath and stopped. She turned the floating head around and saw, David’s face. “Ah! ” screamed Jessica and she turned around. Something dressed in black with a knife clutched in it’s hand, was standing in the doorway.

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It ran at her with the knife, but she ducked and crawled a tiny bit on the floor. She got up and ran down the stairs towards the front door soon realising it was locked. The killer flung the knife at Jessica head, but missed. Instead the knife was stuck in the door. Jessica ran up the front room through the double doors that led into the kitchen and hid in a small cupboard. Everything went silent for a minute, but something seemed to be behind her. She turned around and saw David’s mother with her eyes bulging out of her sockets. Jessica fell out of the cupboard and lay on the kitchen floor. “No! she screamed. The murderer was running through front room towards Jessica with his blood stained knife. Jessica pushed the double doors shut tight using her feet to do so, just in the nick of time preventing the killer from making an entry. It used its knife to crack the glass sections of the door to get in, but this was no use. It ducked down so Jessica couldn’t see it, because she was still lying on the floor terrified and frightened of what may happen next. To calm herself she put her head on the floor. “Die” croaked the killer who arrived through back door. Jessica rolled over and got up in her feet.

It attacked her with its knife again, but Jessica escaped through he back door, running into the family’s red van. She locked it form the inside, so the killer couldn’t get in. She hotwired the van to get the engine started. She knew the basics for driving as she was taking her driving test in a year’s time. The whole van was “bloodstained”. Two hands covered in blood wrapped themselves around Jessica neck and she began choking. She managed to press on the accelerator and the van started to move around the darkened estate.

The van swerved out onto the main road where it headed towards the town. Jessica started to go unconscious. Rip, squeak, Rip, squeak”, A knife was ripping vigorously through the roof of the van. Part of the roof had been torn away to reveal the unknown killer in black. The killer stabbed the person in the head who was choking Jessica, who turned out to be Davis’s dad. He fell back leaving Jessica to breath freely again. The killer started slashing his knife at Jessica and tore a small bit of her t-shirt and ripped out some of her long blond hair. She lost control of the van and flying of killian bridge into the shallow river. The blood in the van began leaking out through the doors making the river a sea of red blood.

As for Jessica and the killer their lives were not so pretty. Jessica head appeared to have a large gash on it, whilst the killers black clothes were stained with his own blood. “I am sorry” the killer exclaimed. The killer took of his black mask to reveal a very skiing faced man, with hair and eyes as black as boots. Jessica recognised this man. She had seen him in one of the deceased pictures in David’s house. The man continued on, “I had to, Ciaran, David’s father thought he had killed me was he was wrong wasn’t he. I had to make him pay for the suffering he caused me. It was fun savaging his family along with him.

I am sorry for having to get you’ involved though. I thought you could get me arrested, as you were a witness to the murders. It, It doesn’t matter no- no more”. That was it he passed away. Him as well as Jessica. However she did not die until half an hour later as a result of her head injuries as she did not receive any medical attention. She and the killer were discovered six hours later by Mrs Keaton from Wallaby road, not that, that matters. The moral to this true story is that gluttony and retribution can destroy the people around you so why have it, you should be thankful for what you got.