john donne

metaphysical poetry
poetry characterized by intellectual displays and concern with metaphysical, or philosophical, issues by poetic devices called conceits and paradoxes

extended comparisons that link objects or ideas not commonly associated, often mixing abstract ideas and emotional matters

images or descriptions that appear self contradictory but that reveal a deeper truth

action showing disrespect for something sacred

those not initiated into priesthood

dispute, argument

devotion to sacred duties


song by john donne; example of paradox
“yesternight the sun went hence/And yet is here today”9-10, compares love and death

a valediction fm; example of conceit
love compared to compass “our two souls therefore,which are one yet/though i must go, endure not a breach, but an expansion”21-23

metaphysical conceit of holy sonnet 10
death is arrogant but ultimately powerless

“death thou shalt die!” holy sonnet 10
apostrophe=death is a temporary state before eternal life

What pair is the subject of “song” by john donne
love and death

“when thou weeps unkindly kind/ My life bleeds doth decay”
paradox- her tears make him suffer which is unkind and undignified

meditation 17..4 ways to translate book
war, sickness, age, justice

meditation 17 major theme
“any mans death diminishes me b/c i am involved in man kind”, the interconnect of all people

John Donne’s motivation
own illness and suffering is valuable, affliction is treasure

how can 1 be affected by anothers death
interconnection of people, value other lives and lessons

meditiation 17..god represents
publisher of book

christian belief in meditiation 17
affliction is a treasure taht can secure the sufferer a place in heaven

“no man is an island, entire of itself/every man is a piece of continent a part of the main”
people should be concerned with others not selfish

bell toll represents
all share human condifiotn of life and death,

direct address to an abstract or dead person, object or quality as if it were there and able to answer.

message of holy sonnet 10
Death cannot triumph because of the existence of eternal life

5. How can one be affected by another’s death?
– Because we are all made by the same maker, we should all care about one another. We have obligations to each other.