Journal a case study) are analyzed to produce

Journal articles are type of assignments in which a situation (either a real situation or a case study) are analyzed to produce a range of suggestions for improvement are applied. Moreover, journal article is a recent research on a topic based on a collection of articles which are written by experts, for experts. Furthermore, a journal article is used for a wide range of topics and objectives, and an it can be categorized in terms of length, content, and format. There are a lot of examples of the different uses of articles like ‘statistical articles, business articles, research articles’ First, for journal article to be made there should be research beforehand. There are various methods that can be used to start collecting data, the most important of which are questionnaires, interviews, journal articles, books, magazines and websites. Each one of them has their own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages and they can be used in different circumstances (, 2018).

To begin with, the topic that is analyzed on this journal article is the ‘what are the factors that affecting U.K. wages and labor supply between individuals’. Also, there are many sources that have been used to analyze this topic. According to this research there are different factors that affecting the U.K. wages between male and female. However, one way to measure is the gender pay gap which is measuring the percentage between male and female on hourly earnings.

According to Leaker (2008), there are many factors that affecting gender pay gap which are personal, structural and institutional influences. The literature identifies many personal, institutional and structural influences. Also, human capital is of the most important factors that affecting gender pay gap because human capital theory means that, when some wants to invest on acquisition of skills and in training depends on the expected return that they earn back. Since, this male will get more on these skills than females, because females have more breaks from employment, so they are not to interested to invest on education. Because of this business are less likely invest on females. Moreover, the biggest participation of females on labor market, women prefer to invest more on their human capital to increase their relative wages.



Furthermore, another important factor is the female participation in labor market because this has an impact in the number of women either looking for a job or taking employment opportunities. So, that means because of these women are more active economically and more participant on full-time and part-time employment. Additionally, discrimination between female and male playing a big role on the gender pay gap, which is that most businesses prefer one type of employee. However, the structural and institutional features of the labor market, will a have a significant impact on gender pay gap (Leaker, 2008).

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On the other hand, Keshab Bhattarai, (2017) suggests that there are some other different factors that affecting wages in U.K. except gender inequalities and gender pay gap. Furthermore, one of this important factor migration which can have a significant effect on labor market, because the biggest number of migrants are on a working age when they used to go to another country. As result of this, supply will be affected for lower wage rates because most of the immigrants moved from a lower wage rate country to U.K. which the minimum wage rate is bigger that their previous country minimum wage rate. Moreover, the size of the working population can affect the wage rates, because if the working population is low then the wage rate will increase. Additionally, work and leisure can have an impact on the U.K. wages because for many people part-time work looks very interesting and that will increase the leisure. Also, early retirement is a factor that can affect labor supply.

To sum up, there different and many factors that can affect the wages in U.K. and each one has a different impact on it. However, according to the sources that has been used above, the labor supply and wages are similar, and they are affected pretty much by the same factors. So, one of the most important factors that has the biggest impact on wages on U.K. is the human capital.