It has happened before and will happen again. Mostly children swear that they bought a ticket on a train journey and go free. 16 out of 52 people go free on train rides over a period of 5 hours. This mostly happens on short journeys and rarely happens on long journeys such as Preston to London centre.

Crime is much to be involved people going for free rides on train journeys. The ticket collectors are not allowed to go aggressive on the public and is against the law to resort to violence. It is illegal for a ticket collector to resort to violence and will be prosecuted whether or not it was his/her fault with out any doubt. In some sources of my own the sheets say to leave the arrogant, meaning the joy riders alone and report them to a security guard on the next station or the destination of the person who got on for free.

The money paid to the ticket collector is not as much as you think it may be and none may be added for extensions that may be offered without a two month notice period. To tolerate violence may not be paid extra to their wage or for deep injury. He/she is not allowed to, although they go round the country they receive a personal room for journeys from London to Manchester or any other trip longer to hurt a passenger or anybody who comes on board offending the ticket collector. Although the government spend so much money on train security nothing can be done to prevent people who come on board for free. 3% of people come to court and get charged for intrusion every 18 days in Lancashire whether they came anywhere other than Lancashire. These people that get charged are aged from 13 to 19 years old.

Parents are really not to be blamed for the children attitude of going on free rides. 60% of people who go on free rides either have fostered parents, step parents which they are not satisfied with or just leave home from arguments taken place inside a household. 35% of people who go on free rides exit on the next stop fear of being stop by a security guard or policeman. 65% of people who go on trains are from a primary and secondary schools and 61% of children truant on these days of train rides. Children receive their will and attitude mostly from parents and should not show results of truanting. Truanting some times result in fights or bad relationship with the guardian of the child and may decide not to go to school.

This problem has been here for a long time and has slowly decreased over the recent few years. A vast improvement had arrived when there was the Paddington rail crash. Over 50% of reports where reduced and ticket collectors suffered less humiliation. This surely attracted people who go on to free ride and was dramatically reduced. Although they reduced this problem it was still there and the problem could not be completely turned around meaning that it will never happen again.

Most reasons that kids use when asked for a ticket is either one: pick up and old ticket and swear that you bought it for that very day or just say they left it back at the station and the ticket collector would warn them to clear off at the next station and then he/she will leave them alone.

Prison is not an answer to this kind of crime, nor can the government provide sufficient policemen/policewoman at each station all over Britain. This would cost the government more money than anything else on their agenda and the taxes would be raised all over. A sufficient punishment would be for a child to got to a school after the curriculum school for another three hours for teaching against truanting and related issues, this hopefully would last for a period of 6 weeks. This is an view coming from myself.