Juan with other 2 male student to be


Juan Garcia                                                                                                                             1/23/18

Ms: Lockhart

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Computer Support.




Katherine Johnson head to overcome many difficulties to get to
where to used to be when she was working for the NASA. “Katherine Johnson was
born in August 26, 1918, in West Virginia, she made the most of limited
educational opportunities for African Americans during 1930s”. When she was 18
years old, she graduated from college. She later joined the aeronautics as a
“computer” before it became NASA. In 1939, Katherine married James Francis
Goble, with who she had 3 daughters. In her early stages, it was very hard, but
she still managed to skip the grades she was on due to her gift for number. She
enrolled in West Virginia State College. Katherine and other 2 students were
responsible for desegregating West Virginia State College.


In the 1930s, Katherine was a math teacher and French teacher at a
school in Virginia and West Virginia. Katherine proved that her calculation were
always correct and even better than the IBM computers. After getting recruited
to the aeronautical division, and work there for 2 weeks, she was transferred
from the African American computing pool to Langleys  flight research
division, where she asked for permission to meetings where she earned
additional responsibilities. In 1956, a horrible news arrived to her office,
her husband had died from a brain tumor. Despite her amazing calculating
skills, she was often denied access to meeting for the simple reason that she
was a woman and, that she was colored. Katherine had to work hard to get
accepted into West Virginia College, but one day, secretly she was accepted by
West Virginia State’s president Dr. John W. Davis along with other 2 male
student to be the first African Americans to attend that college.


The 1957 Launch of the Soviet satellite Sputnik changed the course
of history, as well as Katherine’s life. But in that same year, Katherine
provided the math calculations for the 1958 Document “Notes on Space
Technology” which has some of the lectures given by engineers. Overall
Katharine can be treated as a woman who put a lot of effort when it comes to
doing her work, but she also has a soft heart when it comes to taking care of
 those she love the most. She used to most of her time working, but when
she had some time off she went back to her house to play with her daughters.
Katherine and an Engineer wrote a report for the 1960s Earth Position for the
satellite. In 1962 NASA was preparing for the orbital mission of John Glenn,
and Katherine was called to calculate the trajectory for which then she would
become most known for.


Whenever I remember the time I watched the film “Hidden Figures”,
and remember about the book, where her life and the other two iconic women at
NASA, I start thinking about how different my times are, compared to those
times they lived on. Katherine Johnson was so trusted by Glenn that when they
said if he was sure with the calculations made by the IBM computer, that he was
asking Katherine if those calculations were right, and if not, with her
calculation was more than enough. The IBM calculations were off, so they asked
if Katherine would do it. She did and in an interview she said “I remember
Glenn say, if she did all the calculation and said they were right, and then I’m
ready to go”. After all her achievements, in 2015 she added another one to her
list, President Obama awarded Katherine the “President Medal Of  Freedom”.