Jump to the letter. a. Learn to position

Jump very high

To sports men and women, jumping higher is one of their will
in heart. It’s a very crucial activity to be specific. Higher jumps requires a
lot of patience and dedication but more important, having a heart that never
gives up. Giving up and not believing you can bring the whole process to a
halt. Faith is important; confirm with any successful sports person and the
advice will sink deeper in your heart.

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To the uninformed, even a mole hill seems like a big
mountain but to those who know how, success is easy. The following steps will catalyze
the whole process by combining experience and real scientific findings.

Practice a few steps before you try to jump so
that you can develop an additional up thrust.

Calculate a good synchronize.

 Be like a
system a good coordination of your whole body.

Keep your body aligned and the process will be a
sweat piece of cake

The above steps can be narrowed into three steps for clarity
and simplicity i.e. practicing to jump with your two legs (double legs jump),
jumping holding one leg (single leg jumps) and the last one in the list is of
course building your leg muscles which will shape your body to that of a true athlete.

Step 1: Practicing to
jump with your two legs.

Jumping higher and having the capability to jump really very
high is hard if you practice wrongly but simple if you know how to practice and
implement the following piece of advice to the letter.

Learn to position your foot:  You should position to be in a shoulder width distance.
Relax especially the shoulders but more so ensure your knees are straight.

Focus on your arms: They must always hang
loosely as you take a half squat meant for generating momentum especially if
your sole aim is to jump an inch higher.

Have a powerful imagination: Imagination is
powerful because most of what we achieve is a result of our own imagination.
Imagine jumping higher.

Generate a quick up thrust without thinking. It
should be instinctive because thinking will slow your execution.

 Push your
arms high then quickly pull them as you try to touch your toes. This will
ensure you are at a higher height.

Control your landing to minimize on possible
injuries by being in control of your whole body.

Step 2:  Practice jumping with a single leg.

This is really simple but you need to do it right. Initiate
a good foot position, lean forward slightly, concentrate on your arms, and have
a strong imagination. Remember to swing your arms as you jump higher but more
so, control your landing.

Step 3: Build higher
leg muscle capability.

Being athletic always facilitate better performance. You
should therefore do squats, schedule a few simple workouts, and keep flexible
by stretching and practice regularly.


Training to jump high can be risky if done the wrong way. Try
to befriend an expert trainer if you experience healthy issues or you would
like to know more because teachers will always have something in store for you.