Kay company, had communicated discontent to Sunderland regarding


Kay Sunderland, Account

Kay Sunderland is conventional, efficient and systematic,
who sets her goals at the beginning of a project. Her methodology is to
thoroughly understand the needs of the clients and translating the same to the
content team, making sure that the work efforts do not deviate from the client’s
expectations. While her subordinates appreciate her for pushing the team to
yield the best possible results for her clients, she is also criticized that
her efficiency model which sometimes leads to inflexibility and unduly demand.
She derives her personal power from her expertise and confidence in managing
large and high profile accounts. Concurrently, she derives certain amount of
relational power from bottom-up because of the respect she commands from her
subordinates, as well as from top-down because of her good rapport with her


Mike Morgan, Content
development director

Mike Morgan likes relaxed, entrepreneurial environment where
he has the capability to influence the decisions. Morgan is a type of person
who wants autonomy and authority in his department. He wants his colleagues to
have confidence in him and his decision. His subordinates view him as a fantastic
boss who is very supportive of them and would fight for them, which has made
his subordinated very loyal towards him. At the same time Sunderland accuses
Morgan to be excessively argumentative and defensive when things don’t go his
ways. He likes to challenge himself by taking innovative approaches and is not afraid
to pitch his ideas in the meetings. Mike has become a critical and indispensable
resource for his organization being the only content director in the company. He
derives immense individual power because of his creative work style, positional
power because of his criticality and relational power because of his loyal



Nunez, the Chief learning officer of the client company, had
communicated discontent to Sunderland regarding Morgan calls to him. It was the
company policy that the account
manager, Kay Sunderland, should be the sole point of contact for the client. Morgan
had some questions about the Garmen project. When Morgan contacted Kay
regarding the same, she was busy with the deployment of the two high profile
programs for the clients. Therefore, Morgan decided to contact Nunez directly,
keeping Kay out of the loop. This action backfired on Morgan because Nunez was irritated
because of Morgan’s voice mails.

When Nunez informed Kay of his disinterest in dealing with
Morgan’s calls, he also mentions that he was only interested in the final
solution and not the internal arguments within them.

Kay Sunderland is a formal and analytical person while Mike
Morgan is a creative, realistic and a resourceful person. These characteristics
are directly correlated with their high performance in their jobs. The
difference in their working styles results in Morgan feeling that Sunderland is
very inflexible and should give him some independence.