Kenya various developmental issues that our clients are

Kenya rolled out
the devolved system of government with a decentralized management system for
development projects at the county level of administration in 2013. This was
aimed at strengthening public service delivery at the county level. The
government now intends to strengthen governance structures at county levels to
fully implement devolution while addressing challenges such as sustainable
accelerated economic growth, equitable distribution of resources, alleviation
of poverty and reduction in youth unemployment.

There is
therefore an increasing need for an inflow of young people with critical
thinking skills, who in effect will be able to go beyond the scope of issues at
hand and think differently to develop strategies that promote effective use of
devolved funds and promote good governance of the development projects. This
will ensure equitable spread of development throughout the country with
programmes targeted to bring out real change.

the past four years, I have had the opportunity to work on a variety of
assignments providing comprehensive support in financial management and fund
management for the private sector. I have worked with a start-up social
enterprise focused on providing relevant information to improve farmers’
productivity in Kenya, Tanazania and Ethiopia; and a UN-funded trust with an
aim to promote peace, reconciliation and development through media by providing
balanced, objective and inclusive news across Somalia.  From these assignments, I have had a front row
seat to the challenges faced in Africa’s development and the various initiatives
developed to solve them; and gained invaluable practical skills and
experience that has strengthened my problem solving and decision making
abilities. More so, I have been able to interact with communities from all
walks of life and I have learnt to appreciate and embrace different
perspectives and views of societal cohesion. I have also at large become
increasingly aware of the importance of national development.

In my previous assignment, I have continuously
interacted with clients that are mainly focused on improving the well-being of
citizens in Kenya through various initiatives and projects; and I believe that
this has in part contributed to my decision to pursue the Masters in Public
Policy and Human Development. Over the years, my work has necessitated a
deepened understanding of the various developmental issues that our clients are
trying to solve in order to effectively support them.

After completing
my Masters programme, I will return to my home country Kenya, where I will
apply the skills and knowledge acquired to pursue a career in developing and
implementing strategies aimed at striking a balance on efficiency and equitable
development. I will also share with my colleagues, the innovative approaches
and new concepts acquired in the masters’ course.

I strongly
believe that I will be a part of the force behind the development of my country
as I will be in a position to give more specialized technical advice as regards
social development.