1. Know the works we read by each author.
“Self-Reliance” “Concord Hymn” Nature – Emerson”Civil Disobedience” Walden – Thoreau

Give ideas about Emerson, example: He was the 19th century’s arch-heretic..

. name as many as you are able.

He found his true vocation as a lecturer.He was the father or philosophical leader of transcendentalism.Any other information from the information section of the Emerson packet.

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What ideas, central to the contradiction of Christianity, by Emerson’s transcendentalism?
1. the divinity of man 2. the irrelevance of the Bible 3.

the perfectibility of society

According to the excerpt, Nature, “Every spirit builds itself a house; and beyond its house a world and beyond its world a heaven.”

What was The Dial?
The official publication of transcendentalism

What is the genre of “Concord Hymn”?
occasional poem

What is the structure of “Concord Hymn” appropriate for its purpose?
Yes. It is appropriate because as the title explains, it is a “hymn,” which is meant to be sung. The ABAB rhyme scheme lends itself to be put to music easily

According to “Civil Disobedience” and Thoreau, what is the best government?
that “which governs not at all” (or “which governs not least”

Emerson’s poetry and prose reveal much better development in blank than in blank.


What are the recommendations that “Self-reliance” gives?
1.”Accept the place the divine providence has found you.”2.”Trust thyself… Nothing is sacred but the integrity of your own mind.

.. No law can be sacred to me but that of my nature.”3.

“If therefore a man claims to know and speak of God and carries you backward to the phraseology of some old moldered nation in another country in another world, believe him not.”

What are the ideas true about Thoreau, example: He tried teaching after Harvard…


1.He edited The Dial with Emerson2.The main event in his life was his time at Walden Pond3.His life was characterized by the transcendentalist principles…

nonconformity.4.Actually went to jail for his beliefs

How have Thoreau’s work inspired modern thinking?
in the idealization of primitive life

How can Walden legitimately be read?

a record of observations of nature b. social criticism c. expression of transcendental philosophy d. inspirational literature calling leaders to better life – simplify

What ideas represent Thoreau’s views in “Civil Disobedience”? a. the individual is above the state b. ideally, citizens should be neighbors to the state rather than subjects to it c. a person is justified in breaking any law he considers bad.

The practical or actual basis for majority rule is, according to “Civil Disobedience,”
Physical Strength

Thoreau, in Walden, had what idea toward “the chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy him forever”?

SkepticalB. Sarcastic

What was the central recommendation offered by Thoreau in Walden?

From Journals, what suggestion is stressed most by Thoreau?
The writer must determine the best parts of the composition and make the rest complementary.

In “Civil Disobedience,” what biblical allusion emphasizes Thoreau’s point about the evil of government?
The crucifixion of Christ

According to Walden, what Bible principle do working men violate?
The command to not “[lay] up treasures which might and rust corrupt and thieves break through and steal.” Mt 6:19

What were some facts about Thoreau and Emerson’s friendship?
a. Thoreau lived with the Emerson family two different times in his life.b. they edited The Dial together for several years

What does Emerson say about “primary wisdom” and seeking truth?
Intuition is primary wisdom; man cannot seek truth, must simply receive it.

What was the structure like in Walden?
an artistic creation carefully shaped to fuse all the parts into one coherent, unified whole

Thoreau, in “Civil Disobedience,” applies transcendental principles to what?

What are the three pieces of literature which form “Emerson’s Triangle of Influential Works”?
a. “The Over Soul” b. “Self-Reliance” c. Nature

What is the God’s View verses for Transcendentalism? How does it help to clarify the order of God’s creation?
Psalm 8; It shows the order to be: God, created heavenly beings, man, the rest creation (nature) whereas Transcendentalists say Nature/God, man…

What are the four groups of Romanticism?
a. Knickerbockers b. New England School of Poets c. Transcendental Optimists d. Transcendental Pessimists