Kokinshu and History

The Kokinshu consists of:
20 volumes and more than a thousand poems; was the first anthology of Japanese poetry to be published at the command of the imperial dynasty

The Kokinshu focuses on:
major Japanese poets of the middle of the ninth century, including the celebrated Ariwara no Narihira and Ono no Komachi

The Kokinshu tried to:
Restore Japanese national culture to greatness

What two major themes were the focus of the Kokinshu:
Love and the seasons

a distant ancestor the Haiku; 5 lines; 5-7-5-7-7 syllables

long poem consisting of five-and seven syllable-lines in alternation

The principle editor of the new anthology and the author of its Japanese preface:
Ki no Tsurayuki (826-946); the Kokinshu contains 102 of his poems

The six poetic principles:
persuasion, description, comparison, evocative imagery, elegance, and celebration

Which books cover Spring?
Books I and II

Which book covers the summer?
Book III

Which books cover Autumn?
Book IV and V

Which book covers the Winter?
Book VI

Which books cover occasional subjects and themes? What are they?
Books VII-X; ceremonial greetings, themes of parting, themes of travel, and loosely collected “wordplays” in which the clever use of language takes precedence over the content.

Which books cover love?

Which book deals with grief?

Which book deals with non-tanka poems and miscellaneous poems?
-Misc.: XVII and XVIII-XIX: non-tanka form-XX: poems used at court for rituals and religious ceremonies

During what period was the Kokinshu written?
Heian; c.