Kristy rebels. Basic freedoms were being denied. Terror

Kristy Ricks Iddins Period 5 January, 26, 2018The Reign of Terror: Was It Justified?     Everyone deserves protection during a democratic revolution, not just revolutionaries. During the French Revolution, the revolutionaries wanted to make a new government based on freedom for people. Especially between 1793 and 1794, they used extreme measures to achieve goals. Were these extreme measures, sometimes called the Reign of Terror, justified? The Reign of Terror was not Justified for three reasons: the outside threat did not require it, the inside threat did not deserve it, and the methods were too extreme.      The Austrian-Prussian alliance was natural. Monarchies were worried about the spread of revolution (Doc C). The outside threat went into its highest gear as France declares war on Austria (Doc B). Men were drafted, which resulted in more revolts and threatened public safety (Doc B). The outside threats were nearly gone before revolts broke out. This cannot justify extreme measures against a problem that nearly ended.     Many French people, including Nobility, Priests, and Peasants, rebelled against revolution. Government changes were tyrannical, people in places like the Vendée (Doc D) asked permission from the revolutionary government to let the court pass judgement on captured rebels. Basic freedoms were being denied. Terror was used against the public as nine Émigrés were executed, known as the Guillotine (Doc F). It was used as an example for those who even thought to speak out of line.      The response to external and internal threats resulted in human disposal. The revolutionary government hired spies and set up tribunals (Doc E). Convicts were Guillotined in public, thousands were killed that way (Doc F). Robespierre, the leader of the Terror Until it’s last days, argued that “We must smother the internal and external enemies of the republic or perish…” (Doc G). This is like killing the goose to get the gold egg. Which is what happened.      Although it was understandable that the revolutionaries wanted stability, the French government was too stubborn to support the main population. It was not justifiable to execute thousands to reach this goal. Also, it didn’t work. Robespierre himself ended up on the chopping block, and the Reign of terror ended.