Ladies and management of guns has caused a

Ladiesand gentlemen of the legislative, I’m here to discuss with you a significantproblem in the United States which is Gun control. Today I will outline whythis is such a major problem and purpose new legislation which I hope mayremedy it.Everyone knows private guns are the right of the United States toprotect the constitution, not the privileges. All state residents can buy guns,but each state has different restrictions on the possession and use of varioustypes of guns: whether it is allowed to buy small guns, whether they need toregister firearms, whether they need to apply for guns, whether to issueconcealed gun certificates.Thatis not realy fair. If everyone has to use guns, there is no way to bettersafety of the ensure and safety of the residents?some people may think if I don’t have a gun, how do I protect myself whensomeone threatens life with a gun?Butlet’s change the angle to think, how can illegal firearms appear at random ifwe strengthen management and influence people’s views?Fromthe United States Constitution of gun contrle those people cant purchasefirearms, and the use of firearms is guilty of a felony or misdemeanor,fugitives, illegal drug users, mental patients, illegal immigrants, to give upU.S.

citizenship, discharge from the military, minors, by personal restrictionslimit, guilty of the crime of family violence.This seemingly rigorous billdoesn’t think that if someone sells guns illegally to those illegalorganizations, it is not sometimes, is often      In January 6, 2017, the southeastern partof the United States of Florida, Fort Lauderdale – Hollywood airport shootings,killing at least 5 people were killed and 8 injured.Inthe evening of October 1st, the most fatal shooting in American historyoccurred in Las Vegas, USA.

At least 59 people were killed and 527 were injuredin the shootingLikeme say, the indulgence in the use and management of guns has caused a lot ofchanges. I believe that gun management must be strengthened, and we must bechanged. We should not let those who are not good people use the gun as theywant.