Laminate getting into deciding. Hardwood Flooring Know for

Laminate Flooring

If you looking for a
easy install than laminate flooring would be the go to. It is easy to
maintain, and designed to show off the natural color, grain, and
texture of hardwood. Also having remarkable resemblance to hardwood,
laminate flooring is very durable and resistant to stains, scratches,
along with fading. From glossy finishes to distressed surfaces,
express flooring has a wide range of all laminate flooring
selections. The technology used to create laminate flooring has
increased significantly over the years, making the resemblance to
hardwood floors even more realistic.

At first it would
appear that solid hardwood (if your going towards the pricey option)
is a better flooring choice than laminate flooring. During the
early, formative years of laminate, that was very much an easy

Laminate flooring was
the wood look alike flooring that you bought when you were not able
to afford real hardwood.

Besides looking nothing
like true honest hardwood, laminate flooring developed waves across
the surface, and boards forced too tightly against each other could
form peaks.

But now, with laminate
looking better and improving performing, the decision gap has gotten
closer. Laminate, in fact, outperforms hardwood in its own
categories. With the differences blurred, no longer are the two
floor coverings like night and day.

For the homeowner
looking to decide between hardwood flooring and laminate flooring,
here are the best benefits categorized comparing the two. Make sure
you have a plan and have a budget before getting into deciding.

Hardwood Flooring

Know for their natural
beauty, our hardwood floors come in countless colors, styles and
sizes to help you transform your home. Express Flooring has some of
the finest hardwood floors, most exotic hardwoods, and durability you
can depend on for a generations.

Flooring Versus Laminate Flooring

About The Materials

Laminate flooring is
thin fiberboard with a look of wood or stone, also the flooring is
topped with a transparent wear layer.

Solid hardwood flooring
is 100% wood (other words usually have a plywood base.)

How Simple Is The
Installation Process:

If you want quick and
easy then you might want this. Most types of laminate flooring fit
together so forgot the glu and get snapping. Tools should not be

For the DIYers this is
better left to professionals
to install. There are some tools required for the
install of hardwood flooring. Even if the right equipment is rented ,
staplers and other parts do have a learning curve.

Cost Difference:

laminate can be purchased for around 3$ for square
foot and up. If your trying to save money on thinner laminate
flooring it is a option but the appearance will be poorer.

Of course the real wood
is more expensive than laminate, low-end oak, maple, and ash solid
hardwood. There are other bigger and wider plank flooring of the same
woods and narrower flooring of exotic species go for $5 sqft with
prices going up quickly after.

How Long Is The
Durability Of The Flooring Going To Last:

A good 10 years of use,
maximum. Some hazards that lessen the lifespan of laminate flooring
is water damage, scratches from chair legs, and even UV rays from the

Hardwood flooring will
last for generations and more. Unusual circumstances, like excess
flooding can render a hardwood floor worthless if rescue attempts
come too late. The UV rays of the sun will discolor solid hardwood
floors with stains and coats.

Refinishing and

Laminate flooring
cannot be refinished or sanded. When it has ran out of time,
replacement is the only cure.

Solid hardwood can be
sanded and refinished multiple times. Prefinished hardwood, due to
the strength and toughness of the finish, can be very difficult to
refinish the first time around.

Resale Value Of

Some high quality
laminate flooring has decent resale value. This usually depends on
the flooring warranties and most times are transferable from owner to

hardwood floor has better resale value than laminate. Less desirable
hardwoods might lower the resale value of the home so make sure you
understand the value of the flooring.

What Flooring Has A
Better Appearance:

From afar, quality
laminate flooring can resemble much of real wood. Higher quality
laminates have a less pattern repetition.

Most people love solid
hardwood floor and have a beautiful look. Even the cheaper varieties
of real hardwood (red or white oak) can be more attractive than
laminate floorings premium versions.

Moist Environment:

Laminate behaves
similarly in semi-moist areas such as lightly used bathrooms and

Never install solid
hardwood in a moist environment. Solid hardwood can be used in
kitchens. Site-finished hardwood vs. pre-finished works better as
the sealant fills gaps between the floorboards, preventing moisture
from infiltrating.

Heating Flooring:

Yes they work useless
they are not allowed, most laminate flooring models can have radiant
heating under them.

This is not
recommended. However, solid hardwood flooring is a already insulated
and lessen the need for heating.

Pet Performance:

Laminate is a fantastic
flooring to install in a house with pets. The wear layer performs
well against animal claws.

Wood tends to wear.
Buying more expensive and harder hardwoods and laying down mats can
help decrease this problem.

Impact Resistance:

Decently well. If an
object is heavy enough and hits laminate with sufficient force, the
floor will be dented all the way down to the fiberboard base.

Amazing. Solid
hardwood can tolerate heavy duty impacts. Variations of different
selection can greatly influence this, though. Extremely hard
tropical woods are virtually dent-proof.

What To Expect:

Laminate flooring can
build up static, a odd effect that can be removed with regular

Wood may shrink or
leave gaps between floor boards. This may happen over long periods
of time, even when the wood is not subjected to extreme moisture.

Buy For:

You want your floor to
be simple to install, cheap, and easy to maintain.

You are aiming to put
maximum value into your house, not just for yourself but for future

Upkeep and

Laminate is usually
easy to maintain, but it’s important to how to avoid common
mistakes. Try not to use detergent cleaners, which leave behind a
dull film behind when they dry. Furthermore, waxes and other similar
products can build up residue and set back the smoothness of the
surface. Instead, keep up with regular sweeping and vacuuming, use a
store-bought laminate cleaner.

Tip: Use mats and
other floor accessories to help protect the lifespan of laminate

Trying to keep hardwood
floors from aging faster than the entire house requires a little
work, including regular sweeping and having an all-purpose, no-wax
wood cleaner to help with restoring the floors finish. However, a wax
finish can be rescued with more wax, but it’s not recommended to
use wax on polyurethane finished wood.

Tip: Before using
any restoring agent, make sure it’s made specifically for your
flooring type.

About Hardwood?

A homeowner wondering
about putting in wood floors, you can’t go wrong. All variations of
hardwood floors have stunning natural beauty and go with endless
decors from modern, traditional, country, you name it. Hardwood
flooring goes in any room, although kitchens and basements may
require special considerations.

Unfinished or

Unfinished hardwood
flooring is a great option if you want a uniquely custom stain
applied before the final finish, or if desired to match the color of
previous flooring. After hardwood flooring installation and staining,
the flooring is given multiple coats of protective finish. If you’re
wondering about adding hardwood flooring in your kitchen, unfinished
flooring is usually the go to route because the finish will deepen
and seal the seams between floor boards, helping to prevent water
seep down the floor boards.

If you’re looking for
quick then prefinished hardwood flooring comes directly from the
factory already sanded and sealed. This will take away the odors and
VOCs from finishing on-site, and the floor is ready to walk on

What Species Of
Hardwood Is King

The best hardwood
floors are made with wood species that are readily available and —
you guessed it — very hard. Oak flooring, maple flooring and cherry
flooring are amazing choices. Other species include bamboo (which is
actually a grass), walnut, ash and mahogany. These are some premium
hardwoods and the exotic prices will follow. You’ll pay a premium
price for more exotic species, such as teak, jarrah and mesquite. A
good note check is to see what hardwood is coming from the harvested

A cheaper option for
homeowners is reclaimed hardwood
flooring, which you can find at yards. As anything
used, it will often have some signs of wear and age, but more often
than not you’ll pay about half what it would cost for comparable
new flooring. If they don’t have what you’re looking for (and you
have the time), ask to be put on a waiting list. Express Flooring is
an fantastic choice if you’re renovating an older house.

Of Laminate?

Well you almost can not
got wrong with laminate flooring as it makes a stunning appearance
for many homeowners. Not only does the flooring come in a variation
of styles, shapes, and design but the technology has advance and
laminate flooring is becoming a popular option. Perhaps the biggest
advantage it can offer is the fact that price you pay compared to
real hardwood or other flooring.

The durability of
laminate flooring can is great. They can simply resistant to big
impacts, scratches, and stains. Unlike other flooring types,
laminates can better withstand UV light. The benefit of withstanding
the sun rays is color won’t fade as much as other flooring options.

flooring installed in sunrooms or any variation of the
room for that matter except for those specific areas where they will
have a higher chance to be exposed to moisture, excessive humidity or
extreme temperature changes will withstand.

The easy installation,
laminates can be set on top of almost any type of subfloors just like
carpets do. The actual process of installation is not even going to
be a headache job. In fact, there are current innovations in its
manufacturing that will allow you to snap the pieces of laminates
together without using any type of adhesive. You just need to lay out
an underlayment material over your subfloor before arranging your
laminates on top.


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