Larne football club that is at the heart

Larne Football
Club is a charity that aspires to have first-class facilities at Inver Park
that the whole community can take full advantage of.  We intend to be a football club that is at
the heart of the community, serving the community and that will become the hub
of the town for sport.  This plan is
designed to demonstrate the scope of our services and how we are going to gain
the necessary revenue to ensure the long term financial sustainability of the
football club.  It is critical for the
charity to invest all surplus profit into community projects as the football
club has a wider benefit to the town of Larne and its people. 


The key to success
for Larne Football Club is our ability to market ourselves effectively,
creating an unmatched ‘inclusive’ atmosphere where people like to be, and
hiring or obtaining volunteers that are qualified, certified and knowledgeable,
to aid in the running of our charitable football club. 

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The running of a
football club that has charitable status takes substantial investment in time
and money, so to rely on income generated from match day alone is not a sustainable
model.  Our aim is for Larne Football
Club to become the heart of our community 365 days a year, generating income through
renting commercial space to non-football related companies, education centers,
café, gym, soft play areas and of course our new 4G pitch which will be
available for all. 


This new income
stream will be adding to the football revenue such as advertising and sponsorship,
corporate hospitality, season ticket sales, food, bar and merchandise sales and
will help enable us to secure the financial future of the Larne Football Club.


The journey is
only just starting but we intend to make this far in advance of anything seen
before in domestic football in Northern Ireland and will have a lasting impact
on the local community.  We are committed
to offering a first-class experience for every fan, delivering sporting success
and long term commercial sustainability.