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Las Lajas Sanctuary is a basilica church located in the southern Colombian Department of Nariño, in the region of Ipiales, and built inside the gully of the Guáitara River.The present church was build in Gothic Revival style in between of 1916 and 1949. The name Laja originates from the name of a flat sedimentary stone like shale.The motivation for the congregation’s creation was a wonderful occasion in 1754, when Amerindian Maria Meneses de Quiñones and her deaf-muted little girl Rosa were gotten in an extremely solid tempest. The two looked for shelter between the colossal Lajas, when, amazingly, her little girl Rosa shouted “the Mestiza is calling me” and indicated the lightning-lit up outline over the laja. This nebulous vision of the Virgin Mary affected well known journey to the site and intermittent reports of instances of phenomenal recuperating. The picture on the stone is as yet obvious today.The presence of a hallowed place in this area was recorded in the records of monk Juan de Santa Gertrudis’ adventure through the southern district of the New Kingdom of Granada in the vicinity of 1756 and 1764. The principal sanctum was built here amidst eighteenth century from straw and wood. It was supplanted with another, bigger sanctuary in 1802, which thusly was stretched out and associated with the contrary side of ravine with an extension.The Las Lajas Sanctuary in southwest Colombia has made a name for its shocking design and a progression of legends including the presence of the Holy Virgin and a baffling wall painting of which no one knows the inceptions. Located in the southwestern Colombian territory of Nariño, the Las Lajas Sanctuary sits on a 130 feet tall extension worked over the Guaitara stream at under seven miles from the Ecuadorian outskirt. The neo-Gothic church was raised by admirers in between 1916 and 1953 and supplanted a hallowed place initially inherent the mid-eighteenth century.The supernatural showing up of the virgin is just the first of various legends and riddles connected to the Las Lajas Sanctuary. For instance, no one knows who made the picture of the Virgin Mary that is toward the finish of the congregation, behind the sacrificial stone. As indicated by a few, the picture was seen first when Mueces needed to demonstrate a minister and different local people where her little girl had been resuscitated. On landing, the admirers saw the picture of the Virgin Mary and Jesus cut in a stone divider. The picture draws in thousand of explorers consistently. Las Lajas got accepted crowning ceremony from the Vatican in 1952 and was made a minor basilica in 1994.Here are some extra pictures of this amazing church architecture with mind-blowing facts: