Last the market value but it is the

Last but not least to be mentioned, a factor that
influences heavily commercial property value cycle is the Shifts of development in trending areas such as Hackney Wick and

As development in central London is getting more and
more expensive, developers are starting to look for opportunities further
afield than in the traditional highly desirable areas such as Mayfair or West
End, and more in areas that were previously ignored or marginalized. (Business Insider Inc., 2016) One of the best
examples would be Shoreditch, as it has evolved from being an area most of
people avoided due to its crime reputation and run down, to one of London’s
most trending areas, home to the coolest spots for leisure and business.

Developers are starting to take advantage of that
concept of areas with changing reputations by building sites at a rapid rate in


Proactive Factors:

Market concurrence
Development :


of Risks
of Costs
Property reviews Management


Smart management of Landlord
Tenant Relations
(Long duration leases, FRI
leases, etc.)


Proactive factors have
their own kind of impact on the property market value, they are mainly measures
that businesses take in order to face the reactive factors that are results to
external conditions. The most engaging one is the Proactive property management. It not only leads to other positive
impacts to face the variations of the market value but it is the most pragmatic
way to improve return.

With measures like redesigning
and refurbishing space in order to make it more attractive, valued and useful,
Pro-active management is mainly a tool that helps
managing property agreements in a way guaranteeing risk mitigation by establishing pragmatic conditions relating to
different aspects such as the landlord/tenant
relations, in order to increase the value of the property, e.g. long
duration leases, FRI (Full Repairing and Insurance leases).