Later to this day, with many of Cairo’s

Later on residents of downtown started moving awayfrom the neighborhood to areas like Heliopolis , Maadi and Mohandessin Thetendency continues to this day, with many of Cairo’s residents moving tothe new satellite cities.

Leaving the luxury residential quarter (downtown) desertedto the commercial activities of the lower class residence and shops. This has changedCairo’s belle époque buildings to edifices of stonewashed beauty.although Downtown Cairo has lost its reputation asa residential neighborhood and most of the buildings that remain from thedistrict’s peak have fallen into decay; the area still holds the air of classand has huge potential. recently, government enterprises have working onthe redevelop of the public spaces in Downtown, nevertheless a lot of the recentbeautification efforts are presently on hold. Private investment enterprises havebeen initiating a campaign to fill fresh life into Downtown as amulti-functional area that echoes Egypt’s urban character.  With the rise of the people’s will in januray2011 the Egyptians seized Tahrir Square and reclaimed the country,Downtown Cairo has taken a place in the hearts of the people as a public spacethat is irreplaceable to Egypt’s lively identity.