Latin Poetry (Culture Reading)

What form of literature did Quintilian feel that all future Roman leaders should study?

How did Horace describe poetry in his work, Ars Poetica?
Poets want to be of use or to give pleasure or to say things which are both pleasing and useful for life

What distinguishes a line of Latin poetry?
Meter or repetitive pattern of sound

How does Latin meter differ from English meter?
English metrical poetry relies on the natural word accent to give stressed and unstressed syllables. Latin meter does not rely on accent but on quantity, that is, o the number of long and short syllables in a line.

How was Greek poetry closely allied to music?
The long or short quantity of a syllable represented the musical time allowed for the pronunciation of the syllable

What did Roman poets imitate from Greek poetry?
The Greek system of quantitative meter

What other items characterize Latin besides meter?
Rhetorical and stylistic devices

How does word order affect the significance of the poet’s words?
It is the ending of a word not the order of the words that provides meaning

What three types of references would Roman poets use in their work?
Allusions to mythology, history, and geography

When analyzing a piece of poetry, what must we examine in addition to recognizing and labeling poetic devices?
How the poet uses each stylistic device and what effect is achieved by its use in its context