Lefebvre’s various models of production of space. Introducing

Lefebvre’s was one of the main thought inspires of spatialdirection in contemporary social and human sciences. Influencing the emphasisdiversity of spatial research in sociology, geography, cultural studies andmany other fields. The work is maintained in structuralism view where space isconstantly created, reproduced and changed. People do not only live and act inspace as much as they create space thought its functioning and work.

Heintroduced concept of the spatial triad in ‘The Production of Space’ which wasan attempt to grasp the multidimensionality and relativity of space. Lefebvrebrings this theory by significant words ‘(Social) space is a (social) product’1creating an argument that a space is a social product where every societyproduces their own certain space. Believing that there are various models ofproduction of space. Introducing and analysing space by trialectics of spacewhich are divided into: representational space (lived space), representationsof space (conceived space) and spatial practices (perceived space). Edward Sojatook a contribution and further developed concept of spatial triad introducingown term spatial trialectics.   1 Lefebvre, Henri, TheProduction of Space, Blackwell, 1991, pp.