Lesson 5 reading the poem Denotation, Connotation, Imagery

literature, including poetry, “exists to communicate significant experience—significant because concentrated and organized. Its function is not to tell us about experience but to allow us imaginatively to participate in it” (p. 563). The poem may or may not have a moral, a message, or observation about life.

Decodes, defines concepts in order to simplify and conclude on a subject

Combines, concentrates ideas into one cohesive unit

A short narrative poem in a song like stanza form

Folk ballad
A narrative poem designed to be sung, usually composed by an anonymous author sung for generations without being written down

Restate the poem in different language, to make it as plain as possible
Uses the same verb tense and point of view, but with plain, direct language

The dictionary meaning of the word

The meaning beyond, the overtones of the word

Representation of sense experience through languageq