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LESSON PLAN YEAR 3 (LISTENING AND SPEAKING)Theme:                                World of KnowledgeTopic:                                    PlantsLearning Standards:       1.1.4   Able to talk about a stimulus with guidance.                                                1.3.1      Able to listen to and demonstrate understanding of oral texts by:                                                                (a) answering simple Wh-questionsObjectives:                         By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to:(i)                  talk about a picture.(ii)                answer Wh-questions.(iii)               Sing a song.Steps:Pre-Listening1.       Show a picture of an orchard.2.       Guide pupils to talk about the picture.  Ask questions:Eg:  What can you see in the picture?Can you name the type of plants in the picture?While-Listening3.       Pupils listen to the song.4.       Get pupils to sing along.5.       Repeat the whole song by replacing the wordsEg:  mangosteen, papayas, etc)6.    Teacher and the pupils sing the song together.Post-Listening6.       In groups, pupils look at a worksheet given and try to guess the plants.7.       They present their answers to the class.Sing a SongIn the orchard, In the orchard,I can see many plants,Coconut tree, banana tree, guava and papaya.In the orchard, in the orchard,I can eat all the fruits,Rambutans, durians, pineapples and mangosteens.WH Questions1.       What are the names of fruits that mentioned in the song?2.       Where can you find all the fruits?3.       What is the name of fruit that :i)                    Begins with the letter ‘B’ii)                   Ends with the letter ‘t’