LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION


I am writing this letter to give my highest recommendation for Shashwat Shukla. I acquainted with him in the capacity of senior most faculties in Physics. I have taught Shashwat for 2 years and have found him exceptionally good at the subject. I also used to help him in the challenging problems of Mathematics.

I distinctly remember he approached me around three years back about his interest to solve and study James Stewart’s Calculus book. At our first meeting I described the general outline of areas and chapters that he might work on. He was deeply interested. I was thoroughly impressed and when he consulted books beyond my recommended ones, that too on his own violation. This makes it evident to me that he possesses a strong inclination for research and depth learning.

During the summer of 2015 Shashwat demonstrated the ability to work independently with great creativity and enthusiasm. I teamed Shashwat with another student to solve a chapter from the book of Calculus, one that was to be taught next year in Grade 12. The chapter involved learning several techniques to solve integral and differential Calculus included linear differential equations, by-parts, partial fractions methods, and Shashwat excelled in each of these area. Sometimes he worked continuously for hours and involved himself in mathematics during the entire school hours. He was one of the few students who stayed back after school hours often to work on solving problems or clearing his doubts immediately.

At this juncture, I would also like to point out a special quality in Shashwat that is excellent team skills. The other student working with Shashwat commented favorably about working with I have witnessed him to help others selflessly. His maturity congenial nature has earned him good friends among his peers and has impressed all the faculty members.

I never witnessed his thirst for knowledge grow weak. He worked harder and made commendable improvement in Grade 12.This illustrates his high level motivation to excel in subjects he is profoundly interested in.

To summarize, I have seen very few motivated and hard working students as Shashwat. It was indeed a great experience being a teacher to him and witnessing such a passion for his studies. I am confident that he would undoubtedly be an asset to your undergraduate program. I give my highest recommendation. For any further queries, kindly feel free to contact me.






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