Life in many ways. One major difference is

Life from the 1900s and life today differ in many ways. One major difference is that the worlds’ population has greatly increased. Without realizing it, the world as we know it is slowly crumbling.According to, in the 1900s Texas had roughy about 8,000,000 people that lived here; today, Texas has about 27,862,596 people living here. This drastic increase of life in Texas in just one millennium can have some harsh effects on agriculture. For example, since the population has increased by about 19,000,000 people, a lot more food needs to be processed. This is going to cause farmers worrying about quantity over quality, in other words, farmers are only going to be concerned about planting and processing more food instead of worrying about the quality of it. For example, GMOs are being put in a lot of our foods today to  be insect resistant, virus resistant, and/or herbicide tolerant. According to and, GMOs are responsible for “super weeds” and “super bugs”, they leave behind toxic chemicals in the soil, and the chemicals run off into our water. This am issue because GMOs are bad for our health. They damage our organs, cause gastrointestinal and immune system disorders, accelerated aging, and infertility. According to, studies show how genetically modified food can leave harmful chemicals inside us, that could cause long-term problems and even cause death.According to, the population of the United States in 1920 was approximately 106,021,537; today, the population is about 326,021,198. The population increased by about 206,000,000 people in just 97 years. Because of all the people that now live here, farmers use lots of GMOs just to make food last longer so we don’t run out of food. However, because of over population, more houses must built and more businesses/buildingsso people can have somewhere to live and so they can purchase the things they need and so