Lit. Poetry Unit

Tone of a poem
Subject and topic

How can poems with the same subject be different?
Attitudes, ideas and approaches

What can be the subject of a poem?
Human activity, thought, or feeling (ex: ugliness and unattractive human conduct)

What a poem says (statement it says about the subject)

How a poem makes a statement (using attitude, feelings toward the theme)

Tone related to…
Style and diction

Speaker of poem
The voice offering the poems words to the reader (sometimes the speaker is distrusted)

Dramatic monologue
Poem spoken by one fictional speaker in a specific time, place, and situation

Identifying the setting
Important to understand the speaker, and when the speaker reflects on events that are long past

Good idea to analyze poetry by thinking about the speaker rather than the poet

Situation of poem
Takes into account the kinds of events or actions represented (location, identity of speaker, and reason for occurrences)

The time and place in which a poem is situated (sometimes vague and unspecified)

Spacial setting

Temporal setting
Time (date of an era, season of the year, or time of day)

Reference to something outside the poem that carries a history of meaning and strong emotional associations

Occasional poem
Poem written about a specific occasion

The poem refers to a certain historical time or event

Most poems depend on…
Sense of place and time