Literature the information technology (Tagliaferri, 2017). As it

Literature review

The purpose of this literature review is to discuss the concept behind machine learning technology, especially in data mining and how it could be utilized in various fields
of information industries to perform a predictive analysis. More particular, in
genome DNA sequencing to predict the next sequencing of characters.

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The scope of this review will consist of methodological approach that is
mainly focused at qualitative research. It will emphasis in a number of main
topic areas that is aimed to support and cover the basics of the research title
that may help to establish some comprehension of the topic, as a sufficient
workable knowledge is required in order to perform analysis and produce
results. Also explore a little further of how could machine learning be used in
some other fields computer technology.

The below literature includes subtitles of illustration for supporting
the research by past analysis and findings work available of other people in
the field, as needed to provide a sufficient overall understanding.


7.1. Machine learning in theory

The concept of machine learning has gone vital in many fields of the
information technology (Tagliaferri, 2017). As it is stated in Tagliaferri, L.
(2017) it is mostly used for Facial recognition technology to make social media
platforms to assist people share photos of friends, and also used for the technology of Optical
character recognition (OCR) converts
images of text into movable type pattern recognition of DNA samples

.The goal of machine learning generally is to understand the structure
of data and fit that data into models that can be understood and utilized by

A dictionary
definition includes phrases such as “to gain knowledge, or understanding of, or
skill in, by study, instruction, or experience,” and “modification of a
behavioral tendency by experience.” Zoologists and psychologists study learning
in animals and humans.