Lord of the flies is a British novel

Lord of the flies is a British novel written by William Golding, in
1954. In this book author writes a story about a group of British teenagers who
were evacuated from England because of the war, but their airplane crushes and
they got stuck in an island, without any grown-ups with them. This book talks
about how they try to survive and how boys get split in two group   savagery, and Civilization. Author wants to
describe that how a group of young boys try to govern themselves in an unknown
island.  Ralph, Jack, Piggy, Simon, Sam
and Eric, and Roger are main characters.

Ralph was walking, and trying to explore the island, he meets
piggy. Piggy and Ralph talk to each other and they find out that their plane
crushed and they are probably in an island without grown-ups. Ralph makes fun
of Piggy because of his nickname, which is Piggy. Piggy is fat, he has asthma,
he puts on spectacles and he does not his nickname repeated. Ralph is pretty
excited, but Piggy is concerned. They want to find everyone who is in this
island. They suddenly find a conch shell in a pool of water. Piggy knows how it
works how to do to make a trumpet like sound but he has never done this because
of the Asthma he has. He tries to explain how it works to Ralph. Ralph blows in
it few times finally he becomes able to make a sound, and he calls up any other
boy that has probably survived.

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The first person who comes to Piggy and Ralph is a littlun named
Johnny.  A group of boys having a long cloak
also start to appear from middle of the forest. This is a choir which is led by
Jack who says no one is going to come we need to take care of ourselves. Slowly
everyone who has survived assembles in the beach. Ralph starts to talk and he
says they need a chief and some sort of rules. Boys vote for Ralph to become
their chief. In this time Jack gets humiliated. Ralph Jack, Ralph, and Simon
climb on mountains to find out where are they.

He makes jack the leader of hunters’ choir. They find out that they
are in and Island, and there are pigs they can hunt. First pig Jack wants to
hunt runs away.

Ralph calls boys up for another assembly and he tells to everyone
that they are in an island and they are alone without any adults. He says
anyone who has the conch can talk. This rule shows us that Ralph wants
civilization and order in everything. During this assembly suddenly a littlun
catches the conch and asks Ralphs opinion about snake or the Beast. This moment
is actually root of all conflict in this story. Ralph says there is not any
beast, but Jack says we are strong and brave enough to kill or hunt the beast.

In this part there is two ways; boys either go to Ralph’s way or Jack’s way.

Ralph says there should be a small signal fire lit on the top of mountain so
that if any ship passes by can recognize them, and rescue them. Boys run up to
the mountain and make a huge and uncontrollable fire using Piggy’s spectacles.

Jack keeps hunting even when everyone else got tired, but can’t
catch anything. Ralph is busy with making shelters, everyone else except Simon
plays or swims, but Simon helps Ralph in making shelters. In this time Jack and
Ralph get into an argument, because both of them are very tired and both of
them can’t convince each other. Meanwhile, a boy called Roger starts bullying
and throwing stone at a littlun called Henry he makes sure stones don’t hit
Henry, but it is okay with Roger if stones hit Henry.

Jack goes and finds color to paint his face, and starts to do a war
dance. He painted his face because he thinks pigs run away when they see his
pink face. He starts to hunt again, and finally he manages to kill a pig. While
he and other guys are busy with killing pig the signal fire burns out. On the
other hand, Ralph sees a ship in the sea. He, Simon, and Piggy start to rush up
to the mountain top but ship disappears. Ralph gets so angry, and he confronts
Jack for loosing rescue ship. Jack gets humiliated, and he can’t do anything to
Ralph, instead he smacks piggy, and breaks his glasses. Jack apologizes from
Ralph for letting fire burn out.

Later on Ralph again calls boys for an assembly he says that boys
are not doing what they said they would do like keeping the signal fire lit,
building shelters, or pouring water in shells. Ralph starts a debate on why are
they getting apart as group, and he adds that there is nothing to be afraid of.

Jack snatches the conch, and says that littluns are crying because they are sissies,
and crybabies, and he says that there is not any beast. Piggy claims that he
agrees with some of the things that Jack has told, but not all, and he says
that littluns are afraid of each other.

A littlun, named Phil, suggests that beast comes from water. This
claim terrifies almost everyone. Another littlun blurts out that it is a ghost.

Piggy yells at them saying they are stupid. Jack tells him to shut up, and
fights with him over the conch. Jack says Ralph shut up, and says that he is
not a good chief. Jack says he is not afraid of the beast, and he is brave
enough to kill, and hunt the beast.

Ralph talking to Piggy and Simon says that he wants to give up on
being the chief, but Simon and Piggy convince him not to do that saying that
Jack hates Ralph, and Piggy, and he would hunt both of them.