Love Poetry

Love poetry
A category of texts that seems to appear only in the New Kingdom; no previous examples. Seem to depict beautiful people in beautiful environments doing beautiful things. These poems are not about the act of sex but rather are about a celebration of love, happiness, longing and desire—positive emotions connected with physical love. No heartbreak, either—not like Catullus.No explicit illustrations of intimacy in paintings and reliefs—there may have been rules or certain decorum about what is proper to show and what is improper—may also have been the case for love poetry and literature. A lot of WORDPLAY, puns; they seem a little simplistic or childish, but they are actually fairly deliberate.

Some are serious, some are a bit humorous.THEMES: physical, human (erotic) love, immediate infatuation, love at first sight.Very developed use of NARRATOR AND POINT OF VIEW—can be spoken by man, woman—but are always ANONYMOUS, always UPPER CLASS, almost always YOUNG. Sometimes interior monologue, sometimes a dialogue.

Types of love poems
PRAISE OF AN ACTUAL LOVER—lover is described and praised; WISHES—”if only..

.”; lover in the garden—a landscape that is lush, beautiful, fertile.; LOVE AS A TRAP—”someone has captured me with her hair” “branded me with his…” but not really in a bad way; THE MORNING AFTER—reflection on the intimate experience that happened; TRAVELING TO A RENDEVOUS; sitting at home; anticipation/suspicion

many veiled sexual references marsh setting Hathor (goddess of love and intimacy) or her epithets (like “The Golden one”) mentioned a great deal, goddess of drinking, associated with love often seen as emerging from marsh. fishing/fowling puns on procreation flowers: fertility metaphor, plant a garden = have children lotus flowers are particularly associated with romantic love.

fruit, fullness, seed. pomegranate, mandrake—also possibly intoxicating qualities. Love is a drug, or sickness/disease.