Lyric Poetry Unit

lyric poetry
-expresses the thoughts and feelings of the author-does not tell a story

elements of lyric poetry
-usually short-the emotion usually has to be implied because it is not directly stated-used to be recited to the strumming of a lyre (small harp)

types of lyric poetry

-a poem that tributes someone or something-rhymed or unrhymed-classical and modern

-mourns someone who has died-rhymed or unrhymed

-14 line poem written in iambic pentameter

classic ode
-originated in ancient Greece-long, complex, elegant language-celebrates a particular person or thing

modern ode
-looser in form and subject matter-language is simpler and more informal-celebrates a particular person or thing

Theme of O Captain! My Captain!
-although something great happens, tragedy can still strike

Attitude of O Captain! My Captain!
-sad and mournful (captain has died)-happy/celebratory (war has ended)

Topic of O Captain! My Captain!
literal-the ship has come home from its long journey and people are celebrating-the captain of the ship has been killed, but only the speaker notices because others are celebratingfigurative-the civil war has ended, slavery has been abolished and people are celebrating-Abraham Lincoln has been assassinated and the citizens are torn whether to be happy about the war ending or to mourn the president’s death

Theme of Ode to Thanks
-a simple word or thing can go a long way

Attitude of Ode to Thanks
-thankful, positive

Topic of Ode to Thanks
-the speaker is thanking the word “thanks”-the speaker believes the word is very powerful, is a nice thing to say, and unites people around the world

Theme of Mother to Son
-although times may be hard, it is important to never give up

Attitude of Mother to Son
-inspiring, motivated

Topic of Mother to Son
-a mother is telling her son that life has been difficult for her-she has kept trying and has never given up even though she has gone through struggles