MacDuff’s view

Dear Diary, The unthinkable had happened today, our glorious emperor, Duncan had been horrifically assassinated by an atrocious individual last night at Macbeth’s castle. As a loyal and patriotic thane of Scotland, I swear that I will avenge Duncan’s death. Duncan had always been like a father to me. He was a lovely King and was a great ruler. He was kind to the people and he was caring. He was loyal and devoted to the country. There was absolutely no reason that he should die. Seeing his body on the ground had frozen me on my spot. I was shocked, deeply saddened and terribly disgusted at hichever animal that had done this terrible deed.

When Macbeth entered the room of death, I was extremely appalled by his behaviour towards the death of the one who had been so nice to him. He did not seem to be in anyway saddened by this terrible incident, yet he proclaimed that he was so furious that he killed Duncan’s attendants. Malcolm and Donalbain were not exceptionally emotional about this incident either. After hearing the news about their father’s death, they were more concerned about who killed him and were more worried about them being next to die rather than feeling any emotions for Duncan’s death.

As I entered Duncan’s room in Macbeth’s castle, the room was drenched with blood and the smell of death hung in the air. Myself, among with the other men; Macbeth, Banquo, Malcolm and Donalbain had all seen the horror and we were all suspicious of each other. At first, when I entered the room, I found the attendants of the King had blood on their faces and daggers in their hands, but when Macbeth entered to see Duncan’s body, he said that he had killed them. Naturally, I would have suspected the attendants at first, but I do not understand why Macbeth had to kill them… That is, unless he was guilty of the treacherous act.

Malcolm and Donalbain said that they were going to flee from Scotland and I am partly apprehensive that it was them who had done the deed and fled to avoid explanation if questioned. However, I would intend to think that the one who had betrayed the country may be Macbeth for he had killed the attendants and gave a speech that was not particularly convincing. He had appropriate reasons for killing Duncan – to be King. I am definitely going to find out who the traitor is and when I find out who he is, I swear that I will paint my sword with his blood and to revenge for my country and my good friend Duncan.