MAIN being understood that the issues in our



things on which we need to focus in our educational system are:

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of school

system for all

and quantity and so many other factors

education system includes all the sectors that are involving in providing
information although they are private or public. A review of all the
educational institutions of Pakistan has showed that there is a little bit
change or improvement due to some factors over country educational system is
not leading all over the world like lack of proper planning, social
constraints, gender gap, cost of education, war on terror or so many other
which need to be discussed or to be solved. One most of the common issue is not
being understood that the issues in our education system are not only due to management
but there are something’s which is rooted in our culture or in our minds. The
surveys of educational system of Pakistan has showed that our literacy rate is
decreased by 2% in the last two years which is not a good thing for our country
or for our children’s future if we want to see them successful. Pakistan is
still among the developing countries and our literacy rate is not much good to
step up the progress of nation.

of school:

I want to put throw light on types of schools in Pakistan. Education system of
Pakistan is divided into six different levels it starts from preschool than
primary then middle school means from six standard to eight standard then high
school and then move towards secondary school which lead them to intermediate which
requires 2 years to complete after than students move forward for their
bachelor’s degree which would be complete after 4 years. Among all the
drawbacks the major flaw is the quality of education or quantity which we are
providing to our students in so many areas is not value able we need to hire
educated staff for the bright future of our shining stars. Schools are open in
every second society but the staff they hired are just matric passed so if they
are itself under graduate how could they cope up with the upcoming inventions
or technologies or methodologies how could they be able to teach the students
which they need to be taught or learned. We need to do work on educating our
nation for a prosperous future by opening a good kind of schools, colleges and
universities. Colleges and universities are far away first we should work for
basic education which start from school. School system need to hire a highly
educated staff which will be able to teach oxford or oxford level books to our
children because that was the time when a child learn and remember through out
of his life. Other thing is that to arrange debate competitions which boost up
the confidence and communication skills of a student. A child must know his
strength or weakness so they can easily overcome their mistakes by themselves.
These are the things which should be applied at school level.

system for all:

ratio of students in our school and colleges is alarming. The most depressing
thing which everyone can see or feel the kids whom are belong to poor families
are not perform as well as the kids of the families whom parents are
financially strong. The poor kids can’t run up in this race of education and
give their best just because their families are not so rich. This is the difference.
We need to remove that outdated fashion or model of education from our country
if we want to see the child of a poor had the same opportunities as the child
of elite class have it would be look alike a symbol of one nation. Private
institutes provide better quality of education as compared to the government
schools. No doubt, good deeds are happening in our country but they are not at
huge scale. We need to think outside the walls of school everyone needs to
participate. It won’t happen unless until we are not firm to educate the child
of a whole nation. Furthermore, a major concern is lack of fairness in
examination halls by different boards. Then you have another side of field, as
a student we all have been challenged to achieve good grades due to our most
common thinking that the child with good greats always remain successful and
the other will strive. The student with excellent grades is praised as the
owner praised his horse. Our students do not know how to perceive things. For
the sake of high grades the one thing they know is how to rote the books. They
have a lot of pressure by their families or parents. Our system is based on
fear, students do not study they just develop the methods of cheating without
learning the course and keep passing. If we asked anything from their
assignments they don’t know and I can bet on it. The other way around, grading
wouldn’t encourage them but their skills would be proving fruitful for them.
Counseling sessions should be held in Pakistan so the students learn the things
of their own choice and become master of it to benefit their country.


language vs. international language:

other issue which I would like to discuss is the use of native language vs.
international language. According to my perspective a children can learn better
in their mother tongue. I am not against the use of other languages we should
learnt them too in fact it’s a great art or skill but on education level we
should promote our native tongue and the reason which I want to give is the use
of own language give confidence to the child he or she know the importance of
their language like other countries china japan wouldn’t left their own tongue
they feel proud to speak in Chinese or Japanese. It is also proved some
educators argue that only those countries can achieve their goals which taught
their children’s in first language. Getting education in their own tongue would
help students to develop better thinking skills. If a child is used to with
words from his childhood so he can develop a better concept about it. Children
should get education or information in our own tongue help us to memorize
information for a long time. In my point of view education in unbeknown or
unfamiliar way make you enslaved mentally. It looks more stately, self-respecting
and mature to communicate in our own language. It is shameful if you are not
using your mother tongue. I am not in against of English but I would say learn
only for the sake of English not use as to remember your history. We have set
our minds to learn English to get higher education that is our own construct
because we are failed to build vocabulary for our mother language. It is
completely ridiculous to get primary education in any other tongue. Do you
think at least once why America doesn’t, and other united states won’t give
education in any other language? Why do we underestimate our tongue? We should
think and work over it.



Gender difference

is another issue in our educational society of gender bias. The difference
between girls and boys showed that the girls are always less than boys. Boys
are always treating differently for their behaviors. Most of our girls don’t
reach colleges or universities because of our cultural thoughts. Parents and
other family members need to learn that coeducation is not unsafe it built the
confidence. Education is the only thing which can help people at any difficult
time of their lives. It’s the power that anyone can have and no one could
snatch this. Girls who can suffer in their lives could run their lives better
if they have the power of education. Educated mother taught their children
well. Education is not only starting from school actually its start from
mothers lap. Girls should give their rights of getting education. In my point
of view coeducation is much better we need to change our thoughts. When we
applied for a job there will be male colleagues so we start practice it from
our school college or university life how to tackle opposite gender and how to
communicate with opposite gender. In this time girls are more competing as
compare to boys whether it is the field of doctor, engineer, news anchor, and
reporter or some CS officer.

in schools:

other thing which is very important to me and also I would like to discuss it
is the approaches and references that the student have had by their parents or
some other resource is the most disgusting issue. The students who did effort
in their exams are remained beside due to the students that have approaches
that are why our country can’t progress for so many years. This is very
unlawful. Government should take action or keep strictness in every sector
whether it is a school or some interview place. When we entitled some child
that he is special or he is very pretty to me it creates jealousy among the
students. They started to hate him for no reason and sometimes they started to
underrate themselves. If we highlight only few children’s in the class room the
others feel that might they don’t have better skills as others have. They feel
less confident and become shyer as they have before. It doesn’t destroying
their school lives only but this shyness start to grow up and the result is
that they don’t take part in extra co-curricular activities like debate
competitions, dramas and so many other things. When they reached their
university life they will have to face so many troubles. So I think we should
stop neglecting other child’s and treat all of them equally.

I want to sum up my essay or discussion by saying a few things. We should put
control on all the unbearable things happening in our education system because
it would destroy the whole life of students. Moreover, we should give funds for
the students whom parents are not able to provide them education. We should
stop child labor and serve them with the light of education and in the future
they will serve their country in a more fruitful manner.