Many are given tasks ranging from design, market

Many organizations strive to increase profits and be successful with their businesses. An important method that can increment favourable outcomes as an organization is to prioritize customer satisfaction by encouraging all departments to “think customer.” It is essential for these organizations to apply this type of coordination strategy because all departments affect customer relationships. While forming relations is vital, maintaining then is also a key determinant of the profitability of an organization. Most often employees from each department are given tasks ranging from design, market supply, delivery and support to help assist and construct the products. Although these missions simply help creating the good, the other leading factor that plays an important role in meeting the satisfaction levels is to be in the shoes of a customer, to “think customer”. All employees share a common goal, which allows them to combine their skills to achieve that goal. Applying this technique throughout the workplace helps employees unite to develop a greater understanding about what customers desire and demand. This collaborative strategy is not only marketing based, being that it can be used and established by other occupations throughout the workplace. A good example would be human resource directors, and how they need to “think customer”. Human resources directors are responsible for many duties such as screening, hiring, and terminating employees. Thinking in terms of a customer is crucial for these tasks because depending on the industry, they can be deciding who the front-line workers attending the customers are. Additionally, human resource directors are also responsible for managing employee relations, training and benefits. These can all potentially affect employee satisfaction, which then has a direct affect on customers. Employees who are content and appreciated for their work are shown to respectively increase customer satisfaction. They tend to work more effectively and positively towards building a better organization and strengthen customers relations.