Many from the film are almost exactly the


blockbuster films within this day and age have been found to be based off books.
Some directors put their own twist to the film and others try to cinematically
depict the story straight from the book. This is the case with the film of A
Doll’s House. Many scenes from the film are almost exactly the way they are
in the book and the overall film has the exact same idea as the original book,
where Nora leaves her husband and children to go to live in the city. Some
viewers prefer the book version and others the cinematic version. The cinematic
version is much more realistic and nails every character’s features and
behaviors from the book.

favorite character within the play is Nora, the role her character plays as within
the film keeps film interesting and gives the play some flavor. She brings life
to both book and the movie, she truly represents an early form of feminism as a
character. The movie genuinely portrays her exactly the way she is spoken about
and depicted within the book, the way she lies, what she lies about, her
charisma and larger than life take on everything.

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most obvious point where the similarities can be strongly seen is the introduction
for the book and the movie. Within the beginning of the movie one of the main
characters “Nora Helmer” rides on a horse carriage and enters into her
illustrious home, bearing many gifts for herself, her children and her husband.
She then eats a macaroon and hides it within a pouch so her husband “Torvald”
won’t find out. Nora then enters into a room where her husband does his studies
and greets him. They later have a conversation about gifts and Nora begins to
beg Torvald for some money. Her husband then asked her what she would do
without him if he had died one day and tells Nora that she must learn how to
save her money. Within the book this introduction is just the same way as the
film. Although, the film portrays this scene much better visually because the
characters show their emotions when they speak to one another and have a
realistic tone of voice.

the ending of the film, the scene starts off with Torvald and Nora coming back
from the party and Kristine, Nora’s friend, is sitting in their home and knitting
waiting for them to return.  Kristine
speaks with Nora about the whole situation with Krogstad’s debt and somehow
manages to convince Nora to tell her husband about her secret debt. Although
Nora did everything in her power so that her husband would not find out about
the debt it did not work. Torvald reads Krogstad’s letter and scolds his wife.
Shortly after Krogstad leaves a letter in the mailbox, within this letter was
IOU. Torvald burns the IOU and speaks to Nora, forgiving her for what she has
done. Although, when they do speak with seriousness, Nora realized that for
eight years her and Torvald haven’t once spoken in that manner. She then tells
Torvald that she wants to leave him and the kids and live by herself in the
city, leaving her duties as a wife and a mother.

movie was depicted the exact same way the book was, in many aspects even better
than the book. The director put his own little spin on the play keeping the
same story and dialogues but making the film much more interesting at the same
time. I feel that the movie is better than the book in many aspects, even
though I prefer books over films, the film was amazing overall.