Many go more in depth with that later

Many people in the last ten years have been depressed like never before in history, mostly teenagers. You might say why teenagers? Well that’s a good question, teenagers these days usually get hurt easily, we will go more in depth with that later on.       What is depression? Depression is feelings of severe despondency and dejection, in other words, depression causes feelings of sadness and/or a loss of interest in activities once enjoyed.      There are different types of depression, there is major depression, bipolar disorder, postpartum depression, psychotic depression, melancholic depression, and catatonic depression. Major depression is very critical it’s a very dangerous depression, someone who is experiencing major depression will not be able to do things that they used to do, like their jobs and usual responsibilities. Bipolar disorder is another brain disorder which a person swings between being happy and all the sudden being sad. Postpartum depression, this type of depression mainly affects women that have given birth in the past. Psychotic depression, often develops if you have been hallucinating or you believe in delusions that are not cohesive with reality. This can be caused by a traumatic event or if you have already had a form of depression in the past. Melancholic depression, often exhibits the most typical signs of depression including weight loss and decreased interest in activities they once loved. You might experience a depressed mood similar to losing someone you love or intense grief. Catatonic depression, often referred to as catatonia, are cauterized as disturbances in motor behavior and/or muscle movement that originate from either a physiological or a psychological basis.      You might ask what is the cure for depression, well there isn’t, because depression deals with feelings and emotions. Sometimes people get healed from depression by buying a service dog, or go to therapy.