Many the resources which are readily made available

Many years ago, research in this field of birth order
yields an inconsistent and sometimes
argumentative conclusion. Researchers in this field wanted to know if
the birth order has an impact on a person’s personality traits and social
development due to the research of Adler. Most scientists and researchers
acknowledge that a child’s overall development is shaped and formulated by
variables within the home environment, such as quality of parenting, and the
resources which are readily made available to the family (Downey, 2001).
Further study, it results that it also considers the family size that can
affect the education outcomes is the number of siblings in the family (Downey,
2001). Furthermore, this study wants to find out if the personality and
academic performance can affect a person based on their birth order.

A family is composed of a father, mother and children. Birth order
refers to the person’s position in his or her family. In a family, children
would learn the most basic things, including what is valuable and meaningful to
their parents and siblings for various roles before they find their personal
position or role in the family. In terms of personality traits of a person,
she/he developed it by nature or biologically inherited.  This is still debatable today, but researcher
continues to find the evidence. According to Austrian psychologist Adler (1937), he was the one who establishes this theory, it is stated that
changing the condition that a family is the main cause of discredited the
theory. It showed that birth order is the main factor to a person’s emotional,
physical, and intellectual development. Adler (1937) also the one who sees that birth order influence a person’s personality
traits. What is the connection of academic performance to personality traits? According
to Costa & McCrae (1992), suggests that personality traits can affect the
academic performance. Therefore, in this study, the researchers try to
investigate the impact on personality to academic performance of a person that
base on birth order. 

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