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                   Marine Biology  by: Sam DaviesHave you ever wondered what a marine biologist is? A marine biologist is a scientist who does research on the ocean. A marine scientist can study many things such as the geography or depth of the ocean, but a marine biologist studies the biology of fish and plant life in the ocean. The income can be high or low, the traveling can be fun, the college could be long or short ,the job can be dangerous either way marine biology can be a thrilling job for anyone, but it is not for everyone.               The incomes of marine biologistFirst of all, The income on what you do as a marine biologist is not very different even if you study inside an office on a computer all day  computer, Or if you want to in a zoo, or out on an island in the Bahamas, your income will surprisingly not be very different . A marine biologist income does not depend on what type of job you have but is mostly of your experience as a marine biologist. Sadly staring out a marine biologist usually decide on only $39,700( The hope for a marine biologist is not lost though saying that the salary for most marine biologist increases to about $70,800 over a short time period . If you were to get a better degree or stay in the business your whole life you could make about $124,680!                    Marine biology and traveling Before you go to college to be a marine biologist so you can travel the world and go on deep sea explorations you must first realize that not all marine biologist get to travel.Travel is really based on what type of marine life you are going to study. If you work in a lab, then you  will obviously do very little travelling, if you do any at all. If you get a job at the zoo or at an aquarium the traveling will be based on there. You might have  the occasional opportunity to travel for a research project. Like if you are researching the migration of whales or are doing deep sea research, then you can expect to be travelling and to maybe out at sea for a long time.     What degree do you need to be a marine biologist? Going to college to be a marine biologist can differ depending on how much you want to do with that job. Most people get a  bachelor’s or master’s degree because it is  required for most starting marine biologist  jobs. But the standard level of education that you have to have  to do your own research is a Ph.D. But if you want to have this as a full time job you should probably  get a  doctorate (          Is marine biology dangerous?Depending on your job marine biology is not always dangerous. Such as someone in a lab, someone could get hurt from a test gone wrong but most likely the laboratory scientist will be safe.On the other hand the deep sea explorers or traveler marine biologist are usually in danger. When they are underwater there air tank could explode, they could simply run out of air, they could be attacked by marine life. Even though the traveling might seem fun it is very dangerous.                                     In conclusionMarine biology is a very important part of our world and society. It helps us understand things that might seem confusing about the ocean. The job is fun,adventurous,dangerous, a good way to earn money, and can be a very good career opportunity.