Marketing assignment that there are more prospects for

Plan for Hertfordshire Business School (HBS) in Chile


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What is Hertfordshire Business School
(Internal Situation- Strength & weaknesses)?

What are university’s prospects in Chile
(External Situation- Opportunities & threats).

Where do we want to be?

Plan to get to the objective.

Budget for the goal.





In the assignment earlier, secondary
research and analysis were done upon macro environment in South Africa and
Chile, which is a lot different from what is being done in this report as this
is about a marketing plan for HBS in Chile, which was concluded from the
previous assignment that there are more prospects for entering into the
education market there (See Appendix A). Also, there will be a look through
every aspect for university’s goal like strength and weaknesses of HBS’s
education services as well as opportunities for and threats against in Chilean

What is Hertfordshire Business School
(Internal Situation- Strength & weaknesses):

HBS is a part of University of
Hertfordshire, which is not only one of the UK leading business making
universities but also it has been awarded with silver ranking in Teachers
Excellence Framework in June’ 2017, university’s graduate employment or further
study rate is 96.1% (HBS rate is 94.6%), we have world class facilities like university’s
impressive law school building in the world worth £10m, £250,000 auto-mobile simulator and four-post vehicle dynamic rig., dedicated
field stations for geographical and environmental sciences., one of the best and
secured accommodation facilities as well as £15m Sports Village with
110-station gym, a floodlit 3G pitch and tennis and netball courts; a 25m
eight-lane swimming pool; a 12m climbing wall, and a physiotherapy and sports
injury clinic. and many more. Currently near 5000 students are studying in the
university and its partners worldwide.

HBS is accredited by many statutory
bodies like CMS and many other. Has more than 2500 international students from
around the world. HBS has also contributed a great deal in UK’s economy of about
£1.03 billion.

Other than setting foot in the Chile’s
education market the vision is to become a world-renowned university.

HBS provides courses namely: –

Under graduation in:


Accounting and Finance

Business administration

Business Economics

Event management

Human Resource

And many
more subjects….

And for
around £9000 per year for tuition fees



 Accounting & Financial Management
Business Analysis and Consultancy
Business and Organisational Strategy
Finance and
Investment Management
Global Business (Dual Award)
Human Resource Management
International Business
International Tourism and Hospitality Management
Leadership and Management in Public Services
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Project Management

These courses have similar fee structure as for under-graduation




Apart from above some weak
points to be considered:

Teachers to give some more personal
attention to students i.e. coordination between students and teachers  




What are university’s prospects in Chile
(External Situation- Opportunities & threats)?

environment- Special analysis (see Appendix – A)

last 20 years Chilean higher education has changed drastically, experiencing a
boom in enrolments. In 2011, seven out of ten students were the first
generation from their family accessing university. From 1990 to 2011 the gross
higher education enrolment ratio increased from 14 percent to over 50 percent.
Total enrolments have increased from about 660,000 in 2005 to almost 1.2
million today. (


is seen in the special analysis the opportunities we get in the Chile are more
for students who are more interested in learning English language and if HBS
wants to enter Chilean market, the approach should be for the students who
wants to learn for international levels, as being an international university. The
courses should contain contents that will help the students in pertaining every
aspect of doing business in maybe every part of the world. Learning English language
better can also be their approach when they look forward to study in a foreign
university, so providing them that should be at focus too.

we look for threats in Chile, we will look forward to very high risks as Chile
is full of good universities in some of which students can study for free of
cost as the government there it is bearing the cost after the students’ protested
for it. Also, the threat that a new university might enter into the same market
with the objective of free education, this might result in higher competitions

Where do we want to be?

Hertfordshire Business School has come
so far to establish its name throughout the country and many parts of the world
that it doesn’t want to stop there. Some part of the world is still left to
stretch its legs to. Amongst them is country Chile which has been doing great
in terms of business in which education system is also being stressed upon in
terms of encouragement. And that is why, HBS is looking forward to step into
Chile education industry.

Plan to get to the objective

get to the objectives one has to plan marketing. Over the past 60 years,
marketing has moved from being product-centric to being consumer-centric. Today
marketing is seen as transforming once again in response to the new dynamics in
the environment. It is seen that the companies expanding their focus from
products to consumers to humankind issues. Marketing 3.0 is the stage when
companies shift from consumer-centricity to human-centricity and where
profitability is balanced with corporate responsibility (Philip Kotler, 2010).


Business School will give an opportunity to all undergraduate and postgraduate
students to choose amongst several undergraduate and postgraduate courses
mentioned above. It wants to give every deserving student an equal opportunity
to study in United Kingdom. HBS is also providing the Chilean students a chance
to come and explore the different economic and cultural diversity by giving
them visa to United Kingdom with providing them a safer accommodation as well
as learning environment. For admissions HBS has to set some eligibility
criteria i.e. if a student wants to study in United Kingdom then he or she has
to give IELTS or TOEFLE and has to obtain certain marks (which can be lower
than usual as it depends upon country as Chileans don’t have English as a
compulsory language subject).


is to increase popularity of the product. Will have to advert the plan in the
form of hoardings outside schools and universities and also through newspapers
with common language in Chile i.e. Spanish. We can place people from our
university in order to council their students in the school (for under graduate
courses) and colleges (for student exchange and post-graduate courses). They can
contact us through them and vice versa.

may provide them scholarships in order to give them opportunities to bear cost
of studying according to their qualifications.

of our education services (process of pricing):

is the strategy with which can meet common interests i.e. institution’s cost
coverage as well as profit margin and students’ interests to get quality

are to be same for Chilean students as they are for students from other part of
the world   

prices of our education services are very high according to Chile E