Marketing keep and satisfy the customer it can

is the study and management of exchange relationships. As, marketing is used to
create, keep and satisfy the customer it can be concluded that it is one of the
most important components of Business Management, because it keeps the customer
in the focus. The field of marketing has become indispensable. I see myself not
just as a Marketing professional, but one holding a PhD.

In India, however, the field of marketing remains relatively
underdeveloped and neglected, and the educational opportunities are likewise
insufficient for my goals.

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I am interested in doing the DBA program at CSU because this
will give me the opportunity and exposure to the most recent technologies and
practices that are being adopted by various trend makers in the market research
field, including that of information system.

I have always been attracted to the field of marketing
because I find it to be a very dynamic field with scope for a lot of creativity.
While studying Business administration, I took courses related to marketing,
such as Marketing Theory, Marketing Strategy, International Marketing, Consumer
Behavior, Advertising and Marketing Management. Through these courses, I grew
familiar with the basic theories and applications of marketing.

I have around 3 years of work experience in the
Marketing field in Fortune 500 company like Sunlife, ICICI and Aviva (India). I
was Listed among the top 5 employees in Feb 2014 on a pan India basis.


I have exchanged email conversation with Dr. Amit K Ghosh
(Professor, Department of Marketing, CSU), and he has encouraged me to apply to
the DBA program in Marketing. I have a GPA of 3.8 in Business Analysis (MS,
Saint Joseph’s University, Philadelphia). I have done my MBA (EIILM, India) in
Marketing and Finance, so given my educational background, I have knowledge
about Marketing and Statistics.

Currently, I am working as a Business Analyst at Integra LLC,
Delaware.  A PhD in Marketing will
strengthen my background and give me an additional exposure to new
opportunities and help me implement my knowledge in my career.

I thank you in advance for considering my application.