Marketing matter of time. Then pricing, placement and

Marketing plays an
integral role in shaping our lives today and collectively marketing efforts
have a global effect. Today no business can survive in the global market
without having a strong foothold over its marketing plans. With the spread of globalization,
the marketing plans also evolved and were not limited to physical boundaries
instead, marketing became global. Basic definition of global marketing is that
it is incorporating and standardizing marketing plans spanning across a wide
geographic area formally known as global market.

The marketing companies
have a very viable and a bright future ahead. To achieve success in the global
market the companies should invest wisely in their research and development
then making a product so universal that it is accepted on the global scale
within a matter of time. Then pricing, placement and above all the promotion
should be done accordingly with the regions and accessibility. For marketing to
flourish on the global scale marketers should have a firm knowledge of all the
current issues at hand along with the global financial situations and trends.
With marketing at a global scale, the companies can reach to diverse customer
base and penetrate new markets with their existing or modified products for the
specific regions.

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The role of marketing
will grow exponentially and this would be beneficial as this would bring a
uniformity in brand imaging as well as introducing a global set of best
practices for marketers. Customer preferences are always changing so good
marketing strategies helps the companies on the global scale to meet their
expectations on a regular basis as they constantly get feedback from all over
the globe.

In the future these
marketing efforts will have a positive affect on the relationship of different
countries as well as it promotes harmony and peace due to trade agreements and
businesses of global scale. As diverse people come to work on projects a level
of tolerance is generated and a unique marketing image of the company is
portrayed. International marketing will help if you are an import/export firm then
you get the opportunity to promote your product on the global market and if in
a joint venture then the company can get to know the culture and traditions of
the foreign culture and then set their strategy accordingly. Furthermore it
creates more unique opportunities for marketing and thus increasing their sales.
As with the advancements of technology and better economic conditions and
progress in the development of infrastructure will lead to marketing efforts
reaching the final consumers in the most effective and efficient manner.

The future of marketing
is more than just advertising but instead in the future it is going to be a
tactical communication between the organizations and the global consumers. In
the discipline of marketing one very important aspect is creativity and the
future of marketing holds a lot of potential as it encourages innovation and a
healthy competition on a global level.

Marketing also helps
promote learning and creates a drive to be different for a company on a world
level and this gives them a differential advantage amongst competitors. This
differential advantage is what will make the companies a huge success on a
global scale and thus this is again a huge advantage of marketing in the

In the end I would
conclude my assignment on this note that for any company to survive, being global
is the answer and for a global company to flourish marketing is the right tool
for the job. So the future of marketing is very clear and this will help the
organizations survive the global market place.