?Maturation: shape in your body this will change

?Maturation: This is a action of

?Life course: This is the
perspective of how the study for the people lives and social change

?Developmental milestones: This is an ability
that is achieved by most children at a certain age. (Developmental milestones)
These require a lot of abilities in children such as physical, emotional,
intellectual and communication skills such as walking.

?Developmental Norms: Development norms
can be defined as a standard by progressing in a child ‘s development can be

?Conception: Muhammad
Ali’s life starts with conception. This is when the egg is fertilised with the


?Growth: In my opinion
I think the term growth means when you’re at a young and you start to increase
in size at any age for example, children that are young that their still in
their infancy age (4-9). This is a largely attributed to multiply of cells in
the human body to increase cells in the intracellular substance. This is when
their at a stage as they get taller by measuring in the changes of the human

?Development: In
health and social care, I’ve identified development means a change in a
person’s ability for example a person who experience intellectually emotional
changes in their body. When growing manufacturing, this structure and shape in
your body this will change certain things by improving your structure by making
it to function well.

?This means a Child’s has the ability to think and
understand what’s going on. For example, they start to pay more attention. When
a new born baby is born they can recognise their mothers voice straight away at
the first 2or 3 month. When a baby is newly born their eyes sight will be
blurry but this can gradually develop through their first year. An infants
brain development is the key for intellectual development and by 6months
Muhammad Ali would have had different cries for lack of food or pain these would
mean Muhammad will be hearing different of stuff .This shows that Muhammad Ali
will is gaining communication and pre language skills. During a few months
children learn to study their family faces and voices.