Medical helps with anxiety, and is less addictive

Medical marijuana has no known death. This medication has significantly helped with pain. For people who have anxiety, medical marijuana is an option. Also, opioids are more addictive than medical marijuana.  Medical marijuana is a positive medical option because it provides pain relief, helps with anxiety, and is less addictive than opioids.Many individuals suffer from pain, medical marijuana has become a medicated painkiller in a few states. Some pain can affect the ability to care for them self and completing everyday task (Randall 315). If pain takes away the ability to complete tasks,  life becomes harder each day and the pain will still be there. Medical marijuana helps numb the pain so tasks get done. Tasks such as eating, cleaning, driving, and sleeping can all be affected by the pain. The user of medical marijuana will feel calm and very relaxed (Philippines Daily Inquirer 1). Medical marijuana is every effective by providing pain relief to relax the body. Cannabidiol is a chemical in medical marijuana that helps with anxiety. Medical marijuana is a substitution for alcohol (Sullum 32). The body naturally makes cannabidiol which is a chemical that medical marijuana also has. The amount of cannabidiol that the body makes is not always enough to prevent anxiety, this is why medical marijuana has been provided for those with anxiety. Medical marijuana helps with all anxiety and even helps with PTSD and depression all the same way. Cannabidiol is the main chemical that helps with anxiety even tho others help their not as good.Medical marijuana is less addictive than opioids. Painkillers have over 1000 overdose cases per week, medical marijuana has no knows case of overdose (Lurie 66). The amount of deaths there are will continue and possible increase because medical marijuana is not legal in all states only a few. Prescription medications usually have check-ups to see how people are doing. Opioids are commonly abused causing death rates to increase so they have been monitored.  “The lifetime prevalence of prescription pain relieve abuse by young adults rose from 22% to 24% from 2002 to 2004, a recent survey released by the substance abuse and mental health services administration shows” (Bristol 8). Once people are addicted to opioids it is hard to get off causing the death rate to continue increasing. Medical marijuana is less addictive and more beneficial with less side effects than other opioids.Medical marijuana helps with many things such as pain, anxiety, and being less addictive. Medical marijuana is overall a better drug than opioids for pain. Opioids are more addictive and cause deaths unlike medical marijuana. Medical marijuana has helps treat all types of anxiety. Medical marijuana has been a very helpful medical option unlike opioids. Medical marijuana has less side effects than other painkillers, causing it to be better for pain useage.