Memory you will never freeze, May fortune bless

By Alina Dai
Even if my childhood faded away 
Your kind face will always shine in my heart
May I never stop loving you, I pray
Love you even after the flood
Love you thousands of years
Let fortune blasts you, in your work and art
Can I always find comfort in your hands?
Could you think of me wherever you go?
Taught me be cruel to be kind
And even though we live in different lands
And in the past I had always said no
The sun is in flight
All the bitter sweet memory pass by
I now cry missing both your smiling eyes
That I all alone bear this unfair state. 
Filling the sky with my sorrowful cries
As I fight against the crud tides of fate
Leave the loneliness behind 

In some cases, once you lose something, you can hardly get it back.

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To My Love
By Alina Dai
If my childhood is blown away as breeze,
Your smile, your face, doth linger in my heart.
I pray, my love for you will never freeze,
May fortune bless you and your timeless art.
I long for warmth and comfort in your hands,
Your presence stays no matter where I go.
And though we live afar in different lands,
Whatever you ask I will not say no.
The morning dew, your sparkling jewel eyes,
I miss them while in this poor, lowly state.
The heaven shaken by my mournful cries,
I fight against the swirling tides of fate.
As long as I live it is you I seek,
Your humble manners made me mild and meek.

limerick by Alina Dai
There once was a girl name Besser
Whose knowledge is becoming lesser
At last grows so small
She knows nothing at all
And now she’s a science teacher

There was once a girl named Bessie
Who liked to wear lace and looked sissy
Her body grew so small
She knew nothing at all
Now she’s a devoted teacher acting crazy

By Alina Dai
Looking at the sky
The moonlight is really bright
The scene so tranquil

By Alina Dai
On the road
To the country
Along the river bank
In the valley
Between two mountains
Among the blooming cherry
With the soft touch
Of the light spring breeze
Pear blossoms fluttering, 
Flailing in the wind, 
Like snowflakes of winter 
Raindrops hits on the window?
Pear blossoms fluttering,
With frothy ice. 
A gust of wind, 
Lifting the flora, 
Now a new span of green.

Makes reader feel bitter sweet

Ballad By alina Dai
The winter leaves rustle
Waking up in the night
I wait, I look forward
To seeing you come close
Love’s around the corner
Left and right by your side
Up the street move your feet
You are getting warmer
Someone waiting out there
Flying pass the time sea
Hearing the wind blowing
Above the ceaseless time
Entrance to dream’s narrow
There’s no need to play coy
Completing our journey
Though it’s full of sorrow
It is my turn to cry
Shredding my loneliness
Those nightmares are so clear
Those sweet memories fly