Modern 1920: The birthdate of Art Deco 1920:

Modern art was an artistic movement that was defined from the 18th to the 19th century, many specialized people say that modernism originates form a french art movement that was around the 18th century.The only way to define the modern art movement is to know that a movement is, because the modern art movement is based on that.

Wikipedia defines an art movement as: “An art movement is a tendency or style in art with a specific common philosophy or goal, followed by a group of artists during a restricted period of time”. But modern art wasn’t about that, modern artily focused on being free and original instead of only depicting what you see. Modern art had the ideology that the artists shouldn’t depict what they would see exactly how it was, but they had to be creative and try to transform each image into a new ways of expression, rejecting standard art.It focuses on the nature of materials and the functions of art.This is the modern art timeline:1850: The birthdate of Realism1860: The birthdate of Impressionism1870: The birthdate of Symbolism1880: The birthdate of Post Impressionism1890: The birthdate of Art Nouveau1900: The birthdate of Fauvism1905: The birthdate of Expressionism1908: The birthdate of Cubism1909: The birthdate of Futurism1910: The birthdate of Suprematism1916: The birthdate of Dada1917: The birthdate of De Stijl1919: The birthdate of Constructivism1920: The birthdate of Art Deco1920: The birthdate of Surrealism1946: The birthdate of Abstract ExpressionismYou can see that as the years go by, from Realism to Abstractism the artworks develop a less visual art and more of a self expressive art. By visual art I mean depicting exactly what you see, and by self expressive art I mean that you depict what you feel and not what you see. This is an example of a painting of the realism movement compared to a painting of the abstract  expression movement: So as you may have seen by the two compared images you can notice how the movement changed and how it became less “realistic” and more abstract, creative and more of a representation of personal expression.The artists form the modernism movement had a variation of techniques they could have used because they could have used all of the different techniques of each style inside the modern art movement.

An example of an artist that used a different variety of art types inside the art movements is Pablo Picasso. He was a Pablo Picasso a painter, printmaker, and alo sculptor and he used 3 different styles form the modern art movement: Cubism, Symbolism and Surrealism.