Modern British Poetry Final Exam

Ezra Pound
“Hugh Selwyn Mauberley” -Genre of Symbolisme -Not appreciated out of his time -In different parts like “Part I” “XI, XII, Envoi, IV, Medallion”-Created imagism”Pound Cantos 24″”The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock”

T.S. Eliot
-Objectivity-Compression-Wit”The Wasteland” -Reocurring references to water, composite narrator, He/She, Rebirth and Death, Narrator: Tiresias man who was both male and female and felt different characters -New voices throughout the poem -Old Testament Prophet, Young Woman, Madame Sosostris, German Composer, Rich Woman -Unreal city -Separated in parts “Gerontion” -Little Old man -Companion piece to the Wasteland -Old man afraid to delve into history”Journey of the Magi” -Many religious references/ compared to his own religious experience and conversion”The Four Quartets” -About the impact religion had on him”The Murder in the Cathedral” -Statement of the religious belief -Written when he was writing the four quartets -Someone he would have prayed to, Thomas Beckettwho is a christ figure in the play

William Butler Yeats (When he was Older)
“Adam’s Curse””No Second Troy” -Out of yearning for Maud Gonne”The Fascination of What’s Difficult” -Writing and Art is hard”September 1913″ -Disallusionment of Ireland”The Wild Swans at Coole””The Second Coming””Easter, 1916″”The Magi””The Fisherman””A Prayer for My Daughter””Sailing to Byzantium””Lapis Lazuli””Among School Children””Under Ben Bulben”Ideas: -The Mask -The Gyre -Phases of the Moon


H. Auden

“The Walking Tour”DURING THE GREAT DEPRESSION”September 1, 1939″ -The beginning of WWII”In Memory of W.B. Yeats” “A Free One””The Secret Agent”

Dylan Thomas
Wrote in WWII”The Force That Through the Green Fuse Drives the Flower””And Death Shall Have No Dominion””IN my Craft or Sullen Art””Ceremony after a Fire Raid””Fern Hill”

Seamus Heaney
“Digging””Field Work”