Modernist Intro Q’s

During what time period does the modernist movement take place?
1900-1950 (first half of 20th century)

What was one of the events that changed the American voice in fiction?

What effect did WWI have on American ideals?
The country lost its innocence. Idealism turned into cynicism (pessimistic). Introduced new moral codes. Start of young new modern generation.

Besides WWI, what other historical event led to this changed outlook?
Great Depression (caused loss of faith)

Define the modernist movement.
movement in lit, painting, music, arts that swept with disillusionment with the American dream and traditions. Modernists rejected traditional ideals with bold experimentation.

What are 3 central ideas of the American dream?
Admiration for America as a new Eden (bountiful, beautiful), optimism (unlimited opportunity), self reliance

What 2 intellectual trends arose during post war period?
Marxism, psychoanalysis

Founder of psychoanalysis?
Sigmund Freud

What is psychoanalysis?
study of unconscious mind which called for new understanding of human sexuality and the role it played in our unconscious thoughts

What narrative technique was the result of the increasing interest in psychology?
stream of consciousness (involved movement by movement flow of a characters thoughts)

What is prohibition?
banning manufacture and sale of alcohol

Effects of probibition on American society?
created age of secrecy involving bootleggers, speakeasy, cocktail, flapper, and gangster. Crime increased. = roaring twenties

Who labeled the twenties as the Jazz Age?
F Scott Fitzgerald

What female poet represented the ideal of the liberated woman? How?
Edna St Vincent Millay – had a bold carefree public identity. Her role in society assigned women social, intellectual, and romantic roles

What right did women receive in 1920?
right to vote

What were American writers including Fitzgerald, become during the 1920s? Why?
expatriots. seeked pleasure and traveled abroad to europe where it was more exotic and cheap

What was the major theme in American fiction during this movement?

Most influential post WWI writer?
Ernest Hemmingway

What similarity does this author share with the Puritans?
strove for plain style. reduced language to a minimum, revealing the truth that must be expressed.

What did Hemmingway introduce to American fiction? What did it entail?
Introduced new type of hero: Hemmingway hero. man of action, a warrior, had grace under pressure, and was a tough competitor. Virtues included honor, courage, and endurance. But was also disillusioned.

How did Modernist painters influence Modernist poets?
Painters sought to find new ways to represent reality. Modernist poets created poems that invited new ways of seeing snd thinking

Name 2 modernist poets. What technique did they use?
Ezra Pound, T.S. Eliot. Used symbolism

Define Imagism
20th century movement in european and American poetry that advocated the creation of clear images expressed in everyday speech. Images = focus

Characteristics of the Modernist
emphasis on bold experimentation in style, rejection of traditional themes, disillusionment, rejection of a hero, in favor of flawed hero, interested in inner workings of human mind

Who was the greatest poetic voice in New England?
Robert Frost

One New England poet and one Midwestern poet who rejected modernism and sought to illustrate American people as they were?
Edwin Arlington Robinson (NE), Edgar Lee Masters (midwest)

Describe differences of the 2 different groups of black poets that existed during this time period.
One remained traditional and used regular rhymed verses. The other used spirituals and jazz and was realistic when expressing African American culture and concern

What poets involved in second group of black poets?
James Weldon Johnson, Claude McKay, Langston Hughes, Countee Cullen

Similarities of Modernism to the padt?
self reliance. writers also continued to ask fundamental questions about purpose of life and questioned values and beliefs

Included in the modernist movement was the —— where there was a rebirth of the arts within African American community
Harlem Renaissance

——— is disappointment or frustration with a certain belief or idea

What growing intellectual trend questioned the idea of free wi?