MOHSIN important and main sources of information are


The Buyer Decision Process of

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Customer buying decision
also called in some way buying process. If a person wants to buy something he
has to go through 5 steps. Every company and sales people makes their planning to
gain their attention in and gain more and more customer attention.

In 1910 John Dowey
present 5 steps that every customer go through buying something.


in the Buying Process


The first and important
step in which an individual recognize his needs for something for example a
person need a watch he recognize and feel for the watch because of this he know
the need for the watch. A person can recognize his need from his personal point
of view or point out by someone like family members, friends, colleague etc.



After recognizing the
need for something, the second step is to know the information about the
product individual can collect information from various sources. Nowadays the most
important and main sources of information are internet, social media, print and
electronic media. For example we recognize the need for the watch now we
collect information through Facebook, Twitter, Alibaba and Amazon.


of alternatives

After collecting
information individual now compare different brands products and see the
alternatives of different brands because no can buy brands product at the same
time because of this individual the best one of them. Individual want to buy
watch he select main brands like Omega, Rado, Syros etc. Now he select best one
from them. Because every customer check best attributes in every product then
come to the popularity of a brand etc.



This is the stage when
the consumer prefers one, the most promising band, out of several brands. The
other steps help consumers take various brands in the choice set. The brand
that offers maximum benefits or satisfaction is preferred. Now, consumer makes
up his mind to purchase the most preferred brand. The famous economist Philip Kotler
says that every buying effect by two reasons one is negative feedback from the
company side and another is the motivation level from the customer. Some other
factor can also change the buying decision of the customer like loss of employment
from customer and change of place or transfer.



This is the step where
the consumer expected after buying services from the company. Actual
satisfaction may be different from the expected one. He may find some problems
or defects in the product while using. It is the matter of interest for
marketer to know whether consumer is highly satisfied, somewhat satisfied, or
dissatisfied. Consumer’s satisfaction is the function of the relationship
between expected/perceived performance (expectations) and actual performance.
This is the step where company make brand loyalty and if they satisfied his
customer from his services company can make a loyal customer if unsatisfied the
customer, the customer will never purchase the company product again and
customer can advertised bad words advertisement of the company to friends,
family members, colleague etc.