Monsanto most unsafe places to undertake various activities

Monsanto case Does Monsanto maintain an ethical culture that responds effectively to various stakeholders? Monsanto was initially considered to be one of the of the leading agricultural producers around the world. Due to some of the misconducts that it practiced within the course of their operations, in 2008, it was rated to be among the most leading evil corporation around the world. Monsanto has a historical background which is nailed on the manner in which the production of harmful substances has been undertaken. Through such unethical consideration which caused a lot of environmental harm, Monsanto became one of the most unsafe places to undertake various activities in support of their various agricultural productions. Their product in itself harms the stakeholders they have identified in both direct and indirect ways, from endocrine disrupting, as well as the weakening of the life support systems of our planet. Before an ethical culture can be achieved, an ethical product must be considered and implemented. Despite the good reputation that the corporation had for many years all over the world, it was not considered due to their ability to adopt the use of modern farming practices.

The modern farming practices contributed significantly to the destruction of the various components that was being used to expand the farming potential of the firm. It later turned out to have a really negative reputation that made it to have a very significant impact to the economic standing of the corporation. Their ethical code of conduct was highly influenced in a negative manner.

 One of the key components that made the corporation to be considered to be more unethical is through the production of Polychlorine Biphenyl chemicals which turned out to be more destructive to the environment. The company later responded by indicating that the firm did not consider the manner in which the chemical was not used but instead, they were responsible for only its production. The corporation does not considerably consider ethical culture that should be followed by the stakeholders.