Most material instead of normal genetic material. If

Most viruses in the world are harmful parasites which will take
over the host body and then proceed to reproduce as much as possible. With
every new replication, the host cell will begin to produce viral material
instead of normal genetic material. If the viruses are not inhibited, the host
cell will die.  After the death of the
host cell, the viruses will then proceed to spread to nearby cells and the
process will begin again. Some examples of harmful viruses are the Ebola virus,
Herpes Simplex Virus and Human Papillomavirus. For Ebola, it interferes with
the bodies clotting ability and cell lining of blood vessels which will cause
massive haemorrhaging that leads to eventual death. For Herpes Simplex Virus,
it is highly contagious and can be transmitted by saliva. As for the last point
which is Human Papillomavirus, it is transmitted through sexual intercourse
which will cause people to develop genital wart or even cancer.


However, there are some viruses which are beneficial for our
world. One example is the cowpox virus. This virus prevented people from
receiving another deadly virus called smallpox which is responsible for the
death and scarring of many people. Another example is the oncolytic virus which
is used in cancer research. This virus can serve as an alternative to
chemotherapy or be administered with radiation and chemotherapy. Last example
is Phage which can be found in the mucus. These viruses attack pathogens and eliminate
them. Moreover, this virus possesses molecules which are similar to antibodies that
defend against pathogens.

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No, we should not get rid of all viruses in the world. As
mentioned earlier, some viruses helped improved the people’s quality of life by
immunizing them against harmful viruses. The viruses help to keep our immune system
in check by challenging it with diseases. 
With the viruses, our immune system will not degenerate.  Without viruses, people who are in the
healthcare sector of our community will lose their jobs and any knowledge
regarding the virus is futile.