My defect. This defect is called a ventricular

name is Brian Eric Anthony Craig II and I was born on the 10th of November,
2000 in Wurzburg, Germany. I was born unto my father, Brian E.A Craig and my
mother, Joyce Craig. Both of which I currently live with. My dad retired from
the Army after 20 years and now he currently works on Fort Bragg, as a criminal
investigative analyst. My mom also retired from the Army after 22 years and now
she currently works on Fort Bragg, as one of the head nurses at the Womack Army
Medical Center.

I had a happy, childhood as an only child, leaving me
what some people call “spoiled”. However, my childhood was far from normal, at
least the beginning was. As mentioned before, I was born in Germany. Soon after
my birth doctors discovered that I had a heart defect. This defect is called a ventricular
septal defect (VSD). A ventricular septal defect is a condition in which there
is a hole in the septum between the heart’s two lower chambers. This had a
profound impact on my parents causing them to rush back to America to search
for the best treatment. Eventually, my parents found the best medical at that time
that could treat my condition.

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My educational career started in Fayetteville, North
Carolina. I attended Middle Creek Creative Schools for Pre-k; I attended Lake
Rim Elementary School; I attended Seventy-First Classical Middle School; and I currently
attend Cumberland International Early College High School. I have thoroughly enjoyed
every school I have attended. Each school provided me with a new perspective in
which to see the world, at large. Last summer, my current high school presented
me an opportunity to travel to Europe for two weeks. I traveled to Germany,
Czech Republic, Austria, and Poland. Within these two weeks, my classmates and I
explored the rich history of the Holocaust. This experience left a mark and a
lasting impact on my life.

After the completion of high school, I want to either
attend the University of North Carolina at Charlotte or the University of North
Carolina at Chapel Hill. My goal is to major in international studies with a concentration
in health and I want to minor in Arabic. My career goals is to become a
renowned epidemiologist and to work at the Center of Disease Control either in
Washington, DC or Atlanta, Georgia. I am certain that my degree will become my
ticket to a better tomorrow.